Christmas Spectacular! The White Shard Cake from 'Butter and Brioche'

Every day, Yahoo Food features delectable cakes. They taste good, they look good, they’re made by good people—talented bakers from around the world. So check here for your daily sugar rush.


Today’s cake comes from the Australian-based food blog, Butter and Brioche. Law student by day, in her free time Thalia Ho loves trying new recipes and baking decadent desserts. You’ll find beautiful photographs and original recipes of her ”tackling traditional classics and even delving into my heritage to discover past family recipes.”

Ho loves this edgy cake because “it’s slightly Christmas-y without being too in-your-face festive.” She bakes a gingerbread cake batter to create the four layers. After tempering white chocolate, she sprinkles crumbled pistachios on it and leaves it to cool. Then comes the fun part: breaking the hardened white chocolate into shards. To assemble the cake, she spreads thick cream cheese icing between each layer of gingerbread, then on the exterior, and then she staggers the white chocolate shards from top to bottom. In then end, it’s a beautiful cake that she claims “represent all that is right about Christmas.” Check out her step-by-step tutorial for the recipe.

Get this recipe: White Christmas Shard Cake


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