Here’s Whether Mallory & Salvador From ‘Love Is Blind’ Are Still Together After Their Finale Twist

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After she rejected another man’s proposal (and seemed to have regrets), viewers want to know if Mallory and Salvador are still together from Love Is Blind season 2 or if there was too much drama for their relationship to withstand.

Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez are two of 30-plus contestants on Love Is Blind season 2. Love Is Blind, which first premiered on Netflix in February 2020, follows 30 men and women over the course of 10 days as they speed-date in “Pods,” where they can talk to each other but not see each other. During the 10 days, the couples can decide if they want to get engaged—still sight unseen. After the proposal, the couples meet face-to-face for the first time and go on vacation at a resort in Mexico, where they learn more about each other and meet the other couples. After the trip, the couples, who all live in the same city, return to the real world and move into an apartment together as they meet each other’s families and friends and prepare for their weddings. At the altar on their wedding days, the couples must decide whether to marry or breakup as they answer the age-old question of if love can be truly blind.

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Since the premiere of Love Is Blind, the show has become one of Netflix’s highest-rated series, with more than 30 million views in its first two months.”Across the world, everybody feels the same way: Everyone wants to be loved for who they are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, how old you are, what your background is, which class you know, or social structure you feel like you’re a part of, everyone wants to be loved for who they are,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety in 2020. “In today’s society we’ve got all these ways to find love through dating apps and technology. Those things sort of counterintuitively have made people feel disposable. They’ve made people feel like it’s all surface level. It does the opposite thing it was supposed to do. So we thought, what if we took everybody’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with other people?”

Coelen also told Variety about how the connections on Love Is Blind was based on choice, which is why the relationships were that much stronger. “It was incredibly scary because nobody had to do anything, versus a show like we do Married at First Sight, you sign up and you know, you’re getting married to a stranger. Here, nobody had to do anything. It was if you find someone, if you choose. Which is so scary. They don’t have to go through with the wedding ceremony,” he said. “But assuming they found someone, could that love overcome any judgment in the real world? That’s an incredibly fascinating question. And that’s what we set out to try to examine.”

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So are Mallory and Salvador still together from Love Is Blind season 2? Read on for what we know about where Mallory and Sal from Love Is Blind season 2 are now and how long their relationship lasted after they left The Pods.

Are Mallory and Salvador still together from Love Is Blind season 2?

SPOILER: Are Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez still together from Love Is Blind season 2? Mallory, a 32-year-old communications manager, and Sal, a 31-year-old executive assistant, met and got engaged in The Pods on Love Is Blind season 2 but broke up at their wedding in the finale after Sal didn’t feel confident enough in his relationship with Mallory and his feelings for him for him to marry her. After their wedding, Mallory told Sal that she also likely would’ve said no at the altar and that she would like to continue their relationship, which Sal agreed with. So…are Mallory and Sal still together from Love Is Blind season 2? The answer is maybe. Sal hinted that he and Mallory are still together in an interview with Us Weekly in February 2022. “I am very happy. And I know Mallory is very happy too,” he said when asked about their relationship status. Sal also told the magazine about his decision to break up at his and Mallory’s wedding. “I was a roller-coaster of emotions [at the wedding]. I was just feeling everything, and I really was trying to wrap my head around everything that we had been through together,” he said. “I was really just kind of summarizing it in my head and I knew that at that moment of my wedding, I just wanted to make that choice with her. I wanted to see how I felt in that moment with her. It was a crazy day.”

During episode 1, Mallory and Sal bonded over their shared Mexican background. Mallory’s dad is Mexican, while both of Sal’s parents are Mexican. However, Mallory also had a relationship with Jarrette, a 32-year-old project manager (who eventually gets engaged to Iyanna, a 27-year-old project coordinator.) In episode 3, Jarrette proposes to Mallory but she rejects him because of her stronger feelings for Sal. “Since the beginning, I’ve connected with you so well. We have so much in common, and I could talk to you about everything,” she said. “It’s fun and I laugh with you a lot. I love talking to you all the time. You’re such an amazing person, but there’s always really been two people I’ve felt very strongly for and I feel my other connection I’m just drawn more to that.”

Sal goes on to propose to Mallory and the two get engaged before they meet face-to-face for the first time outside of The Pods. After their meeting, Mallory revealed in a confessional interview that she isn’t physically attracted to Sal. “I’m definitely in my head. I’m very attracted to him emotionally, but physically I don’t know. There’s nothing wrong with him. It’s not something I can put my finger on I guess. This is throwing me off because now I’m not feeling good about it.” During the retreat, Mallory and Sal encountered more relationship issues when she met Jarrete face-to-face and they had a conversation. During the conversation, Mallory told Jarrette about how he and Sal were different. “I’m such a guy’s girl,” Mallory said, to which Jarrette responded, “Hence why the fuck we connected.” Mallory continued, “I fucking wanna catch a game. That’s who I am. That’s what I love. It’s so easy. Most men that are into sports and things like that, that connect with me in that aspect, they don’t make me a priority.” Jarrette then tells Mallory that Sal didn’t get her the ring she wanted and that he knew the ring to get her, which she confirmed.

When Mallory and Sal moved into their apartment, Sal asked Mallory about her relationship with Jarrette. “I guess it worried me that you and him were talking for so long, and I read into it,” Sal said. “I don’t know if this is me imagining things. After you spoke to Jarrette, I heard you say that we don’t necessarily have to get married. It bothered me.” Mallory tells Sal that she felt “blindsided” by the conversation and clarified that she still wanted to marry him but if at the end of the process, they didn’t feel ready to get married, they shouldn’t feel pressure to.

Mallory and Sal didn’t get married at their wedding in episode 10 after Sal realized his relationship with Mallory wasn’t where it needed to be for marriage. During a conversation between them after their wedding, Mallory revealed that she also likely wouldn’t have said “I do” to Sal either after not feeling confident enough in their relationship for marriage. However, Sal and Mallory both confessed that they still have feelings for each other and agreed to continue dating after the show. At the time Love Is Blind season 2 premiered, Mallory and Sal both followed each other on Instagram, though they didn’t like any of each other’s recent posts. Mallory and Jarrette also follow each other. (So do Mallory and Iyanna, and Jarrette and Sal.)

Who is Mallory from Love Is Blind season 2?

Mallory, "Love Is Blind"
Mallory, "Love Is Blind"

Who is Mallory Zapata from Love Is Blind season 2? Mallory is a 32-year-old communications manager from Chicago, Illinois. Her Instagram handle is @malloryzapata. 📍Chicago • 🇲🇽🇵🇱 • Rosie’s mom 🐶 • Family, friends, food, fashion • Youth advocate,” her Instagram bio reads. After she was announced as a cast member on Love Is Blind season 2, Mallory, who is of Polish and Mexican descent, posted a headshot of her from the show on Instagram, along with the quote: “I have a really big German Shepherd. And she sheds a lot. But we’re a package deal. We come together.” She captioned the post: “Sooo I did a thing… Excited to announce I’m on Season 2 of @loveisblindnetflix ! Can’t wait for you to find out if Rosie 🐶 and I found love! Check out the Love is Blind premiere on Feb. 11 🤗. @netflix #loveisblind”

According to Mallory’s Linkedin, she’s worked as a strategic communications consultant with Public Communications Inc. since 2013. Before that, she had a summer fellow internship at Big Shoulders Fund and was a brand ambassador at Banana Republic. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a bachelor of arts in public relations and advertising in 2011.

Who is Sal from Love Is Blind season 2?

Sal, "Love Is Blind"
Sal, "Love Is Blind"

Who is Salvador Perez from Love Is Blind season 2? Sal is a 31-year-old executive assistant from Chicago, Illinois. his Instagram handle is @salvadior08. “El Paso, TX ✈️➡️ Chicago, IL 📍 Musically inclined – Is love really blind?” his Instagram bio reads. After he was announced as a cast member on Love Is Blind season 2, Sal posted a headshot of him from the show on Instagram, along with the quote: “Sometimes I leave my dirty dishes out.” He captioned the post, “Excited to announce that I am one of the Season 2 cast members of @loveisblindnetflix – Is love truly blind? Find out when Love is Blind premieres on February 11th.”

According to his Linkedin, Sal has worked as an executive assistant at Kensium Solutions Private Limited since August 2021. Before that, he was a sales coordinator at Choose Chicago, a front desk receptionist at The James Hotel, a contractor at Mack & Associates and a front desk receptionist at the University of Texas at El Paso. Sal also graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2014 with a bachelor of arts in music performance with a concentration in vocal performance and a minor in psychology.

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

"Leap of Faith" by Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed
"Leap of Faith" by Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

Leap of Faith by Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed

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For more about Love Is Blind, read Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed’s 2021 book, Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way. In the book, Cameron and Lauren, who were one of two couples to marry from Love Is Blind season 1, share their “engaging and accessible love advice for the modern world” and reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes details from the Netflix series and what went down in The Pods that viewers didn’t see. The book is told from Cameron and Lauren’s alternating points of view as the fan-favorite couple dishes on what it was really like to marry a “faceless stranger” on television and opens up about how their relationship shifted—”for better and for worse”—once cameras stopped rolling and Lauren and Cameron’s relationship continued in the real world. Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way is a must-read for any Love Is Blind fan. 

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