Where Is Hell's Kitchen Winner Alex Belew Today?

Chef Alex Belew in a professional kitchen
Chef Alex Belew in a professional kitchen - Alex Belew/X, formerly known as Twitter

Chef Alex Belew won Season 21 of "Hell's Kitchen," which aired from September 2022 to February 2023. Before his win on the show, the chef obtained his Culinary Arts degree at The Art Institute of Tennessee in Nashville. He went on to establish his own catering company, Alex Belew Catering, before becoming a high school cooking instructor. He then opened his first restaurant in 2018 after winning several awards for his cooking.

After his win on the competitive show, Belew still wanted to share his cooking with the world. He now has his own website where he shares recipes for dishes like gnocchi with chicken confit, carrot sorbet, and butterscotch pot de crème. He also shares videos of his cooking on social media and posts on both his Instagram and TikTok pages.

If you'd rather try Belew's cooking in person, however, you're in luck. The chef has cooked in quite a few different places since his "Hell's Kitchen" win.

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Belew Has Continued Cooking Around The Country

Alex Belew winning Hell's Kitchen
Alex Belew winning Hell's Kitchen - Hell's Kitchen/FOX

Along with a cash prize of $250,000, Chef Alex Belew was also offered a position as head chef of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant at Caesar's Atlantic City — just one of the many restaurants owned by Ramsay worldwide. He accepted the prestigious title, though he isn't at the restaurant full-time. He posts on social media to let fans know when he will be cooking at the restaurant.

Belew has also made quite a few appearances as a guest chef at restaurants since his win. A February 2024 dinner at Boston's Lucie Back Bay restaurant featured dishes like shrimp toast, honey glazed duck, and a decadent chocolate torte. At Stephano's Trattoria in Murray, Kentucky, he cooked up a menu that included a cauliflower macadamia purée, honey labneh, and lamb arrosticini.

Over on the West Coast, Belew cooked for The DTLA Dinner Club in August 2023 alongside Chef Alejandro Najar, a finalist from the "Hell's Kitchen" season that Belew won. The duo served up a menu that included glazed lobster, crab custard, prawn tarts, and spiced bunuelo.

His Passion For Food Shows In Everything He Does

Nutrition Faktory meal prep bowls
Nutrition Faktory meal prep bowls - Alex Belew/X, formerly known as Twitter

In September 2023, Chef Alex Belew even returned to his educator roots. He partnered with Restore Murfreesboro to host a meal prep demo, where he showed attendees how to prepare turkey taco bowls. He works with Nutrition Faktory to sell four different meal prep bowls: chicken with penne pasta, cheeseburger bowls, turkey taco bowls, and chicken and rice.

Outside of cooking, Belew has ventured into a few other kitchen-related endeavors, too. He hosted the podcast "Cooking, Cocktails, and Community," though only two episodes were ultimately produced, both released in 2022. He also creates content for Hexclad, a brand of cookware that boasts the durability and nonstick properties of its items.

If you want to keep up with the chef, he posts fairly regularly on his social media. While he may not have opened another restaurant of his own just yet, you can catch him hosting pop-ups at restaurants and events all over the country. And if you can't make it to one, you can check out his recipes to recreate his dishes in your own kitchen.

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