Where can I find heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day?

Is a heart-shaped pizza the way to your valentine’s heart?
Is a heart-shaped pizza the way to your valentine’s heart? | stock.adobe.com

When it comes to Valentine’s Day and what to have for lunch or dinner, pizza can be just amore. And for some restaurants, they take this idea to heart — literally.

Whether you’re celebrating with your partner, a group of friends or by yourself, several pizza chains are here to help by offering some heart-shaped pies for the occasion.

1. Papa John’s

Known commercially as the “Better Ingredients” pizza, Papa John’s is here for Feb. 14 by offering a one-topping, heart-shaped pizza to its customers. As it comes unsliced, you can choose how to cut and customize it to your liking.

In addition, you can add on and enjoy it with a pepperoncini pepper and/or a garlic dip.

2. Papa Murphy’s

Adding to the “Papa” branding, Papa Murphy’s is once again presenting its “HeartBaker” line of heart-shaped pizzas. With the choice of cheese or pepperoni, you can cook either pizza from the comfort of your home — at whatever cooking degree you prefer.

These pizza options are available through Feb. 14.

3. Mountain Mike’s Pizza

As the company’s website shared, “Indulge in love at first slice.”

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is here to add a one-topping premium option to your Valentine’s Day feast.

With an assortment of veggies and meats to choose from, you can stack your pizza with more than one topping — at a $1 up-charge per topping — and include unique toppings such as linguica and broccoli to your holiday pizza.

4. California Pizza Kitchen (for two)

Sometimes a deal is so good that you want to share it with someone else.

That is what California Pizza Kitchen is offering with its “Sweet Deal For Two.” Through the offer, you and someone else between Feb. 9-14 can order:

  • Two thin-crust, heart-shaped pizzas.

  • One appetizer.

  • One dessert.

If you specifically dine-in, you can receive a Bonus Card — containing a buy one, get one free deal — which can be used for your next visit.

5. Round Table Pizza

Getting a heart-shaped pizza shouldn’t have to be limited to Feb. 14 — and Round Table Pizza agrees.

The company is offering its large heart-shaped pie for the whole month. So if Valentine’s Day has passed and you’re hankering for another slice, Round Table, depending on location, can do that for you.

As the company suggests, “Any large pizza can be made into a heart shape.”

6. Lou Malnati’s (Amazon)

Have you ever wanted a heart-shaped pizza delivered to you, alongside your Amazon packages?

One of Chicago’s most popular places, Lou Malnati’s, is willing to help you with this idea. For the price of $76.99, you can have an authentic heart-shaped, Chicago deep-dish cheese pizza and a round deep-dish pepperoni pizza.

Through Tastes of Chicago, you can also purchase a 4-pack that includes two heart-shaped pizzas alongside two round options.