Here’s Where Everyone on ‘Sex Education’ Ended Up in the Series Finale

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The final season of Sex Education felt like one big emotional farewell to the former students of Moordale. But there was still a lot of drama, sexual hang-ups, and loose ends that the final episode of season 4 dealt with. Here's how Sex Education wrapped up what felt like a dozen different storylines in the series finale.

The theme of the episode was healing and closure. Adam hugs his father and comes out to a coworker, becoming more comfortable with referring to himself as bisexual in public. Jackson meets his father and then learns the truth from his mothers. Jean apologizes to her sister over the phone and introduces Baby Joe to her father. Abbi and Roman have sex again. One toxic relationship (Viv and Beau) ends and one promising one (Aimee and Isaac) begins. Everybody dances it out to "Footloose" by the end. And that's not even touching the four major plot lines. This is what happened.

Cal got lost and found

Cal's gender dysphoria got really bad in the last couple of episodes, and their anxiety about not being able to get the medical care they needed skyrocketed. Cal went to the mall, ditched their backpack, and took off. The whole school started a search party. They were technically found twice: once by Eric who just happened to be passing by, and then by Jackson who knew where they'd be. The three sat and talked for a minute. Jackson and Cal have a history, but that trio hadn't really interacted before. And neither Eric nor Jackson realized that Cal had been having such a tough time.

At the end of the episode, the school decided to raise money for Cal's top surgery. Yay!

O makes a public apology

Unsurprisingly, this does not go over well with the other students. Media savvy Gen Z kids like the ones at Cavendish know how to spot a fake apology. At school, Otis reminds her that the person she really needs to apologize to is Ruby–which she eventually does. They're not besties, but Ruby heard what she needed to hear and can move on.

Also unsurprisingly, the school therapy election was a mess. Connor split the vote and won, but then turned down the position. Otis won second place, and then gave the position back to its original holder. O got booed off the stage. So Ruby had to go and talk the Cavendish kids into giving her a second chance.

Maeve went back to America

She also got some interest in her writing sample. Turns out, Maeve's roommate Ellen took the draft out of the trash and sent it to a connection she had in the publishing industry. Yes Ellen, you little nepo baby! Use that privilege for good! (Also, why were you in this program for connections you already had? She doesn't even want to write by the end of the program! Is this what Sex Education thinks Americans are like? Ayiyi.)

This was a little unsatisfying to me, but for pretty minor reasons. One, I wanted Dan Levy's character to admit that he chose Ellen's money over her talent for the internship. Two, success doesn't have to be immediate. Not every great writer was a child prodigy. Granted, Maeve has had more life experience worth writing about than the average eighteen year old, for better or for worse. But there are other ways to show her following her passion.

Eric is going to be a priest (!)

After Eric's church refused the money from the art fundraiser they'd been planning, and Eric watched his club hookup renounce homosexuality in order to be baptized, Eric decided that he's done with the church. But he's not done with God, and realizes at the end of the episode that the signs have been calling him to become a priest. Be the change, icon!

Again, one minor nitpick: I wish he had realized that his new friend group was a little bit toxic. Girls that sit on a proverbial high horse and say “it’s not gossip, it’s the truth” are no better than the average Regina George. They did confront Abbi over her toxic positivity, but I think they only scratched the surface. These new characters didn't get enough time! But it's fine. They showed up for Eric and Cal when they needed them. That’s ultimately what counts. The show is over now. They'll have to grow off-screen.

Wait, what about Otis?

Otis got mad at his mother for interfering in his relationship and talking Maeve into following her talent back to the writing program. Now, Otis and his mother needed to have a big argument after the tension built up between them over the season and I'm not surprised that the fight was about something random instead. (Who among us has not fought about one thing when we were really mad about something else, especially with our parents?) But guess what? She was right to help Maeve get over her imposter syndrome. Sometimes teenagers are wrong, even well-meaning and sympathetic teenagers.

I do kind of love that Maeve and Otis don't end up together. At least the show is honest about teenage relationships. Maybe they’ll find each other again. Maybe they won’t. And he made up with Eric, which was so needed.

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