Where To Buy Cacti: Liven Up Your Living Space With a New Cactus Companion

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With everyone spending more time at home than ever, is it any wonder that we all want to green up our spaces just a little bit more? For those of us who like the idea of plant parenthood but who don’t necessarily want to commit to excessive watering schedules, pruning and repotting every few weeks, the humble cactus seems to be the winning ticket. Better yet, some of our favorite places to buy indoor plants — Bloomscape, The Sill and Amazon — all have a wide range of cacti for sale online.

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These days you can buy cactus online from a variety of different retailers. Whether you’re looking for a giant pot of prickly fun for a front entrance or living room, tinier succulents to decorate a home office or kitchen, or a funky plant from the cactus family to keep you company at night in the bedroom, there are all kinds of cacti that you can have shipped and delivered right to your house.

What isn’t to love about that? To help you begin your cactus-purchasing journey, we’ve rounded up the best places to buy a cactus online, with options for both larger cacti and smaller succulents for sale.

1. Bloomscape


Bloomscape is easily the best place to buy a cactus online. This direct-to-consumer company is all about making the plant parent process as easy as possible, and so with each “healthy, ready-to-go” delivery they also dole out a bunch of tips for success. We trust them too, considering they’ve been doing this greenhouse thing for the past five generations. When it comes to cactus selection, they have an entire catalog of unique and funky-looking plants that will appeal to a variety of tastes. One of our favorites is this Prickly Pear Cactus, which looks exactly like what you think a retro cactus should look like.

Buy: Bloomscape

2. The Sill


Animals and plants don’t always get along, at least not when it comes to toxicity levels and a pet’s penchant for trying to eat said plant. That’s why we love The Sill, which breaks down each potential purchase so that you can see whether it’s pet-friendly. The company, which also offers plant subscription boxes, is definitely a great spot to get your cactus on as well. They have an array of succulent and cactus-like plants to choose from, including this low-maintenance bundle, which is perfect for those who only want to take care of their greenery occasionally.

Buy: The Sill

3. 1-800 Flowers


If you’re looking to give the gift of cacti but you’re not sure how to buy a cactus online and have it delivered to that special someone, this service has you covered. They have baskets and arrangements for pretty much any occasion you can think of, and their succulent game is surprisingly strong. We love this Cactus Dish Garden for all of the stunning varieties it includes, but there are plenty of others to choose from as well.

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Buy: 1-800 Flowers

4. Teleflora


If you’re looking to spruce up your space with some longer lasting arrangements rather than a straight-up cactus, Teleflora has you covered. They offer regular old cacti as well as hybrid arrangements with other flowers, and all of their unique packages are designed for unique tastes. Like this His Favorite Ford F1 Pickup offering, for example, which many truck lovers would be thrilled to receive.

Buy: Teleflora

5. Planet Desert


Whether you’re looking for a cute flowering bud or a giant honking cactus to make a statement with, Planet Desert has you covered. The Southern California shop has one of the best selections of cactus and succulents on the market, because that is what they specialize in. Whether you’re looking to supply a wholesale event or just pick up a new plant or two, they’ve got your covered.

Buy: Planet Desert

6. Succulent Market


For three generations now this cactus and succulent farm has been providing retail and wholesale plants, and now they’re offering you that expertise online. You can choose from more than 100 different varieties for sale, and if you happen to find everything you love at over $65, you’ll also get free shipping, too.

Buy: Succulent Market

7. Leaf & Clay


If you want something truly unique that borders on downright “weird,” this is the place to go. Heck, the company even has a whole page dedicated to the weird succulents they sell. The California-based retailer offers more than a hundred varieties of plants for sale, specifically plants that you may not be able to get elsewhere. They also ship across America, and all for free if your order is over $59.

Buy: Leaf & Clay

8. Succulents Box


Another California-based company (are you noticing a trend here?) Succulents Box specializes in the delivery of year-round succulents across America. The best part is that you can totally feel safe ordering from them in the middle of winter, since they offer special heat packs to ship with your precious new house plants. According to the site they ship hundreds of boxes each week, so you know that they’ve got this shipping thing down pat.

Buy: Succulents Box

9. Etsy


If you’re looking for something unique and you aren’t afraid to do your own research in terms of maintenance, growing conditions and general upkeep, then Etsy may be your one-stop shop for all things cacti. When buying a cactus online at this site remember to keep user reviews top-of-mind, and know that extra shipping charges could apply depending on where you live. That said the site offers some of the most diverse cacti around, like these show-stopping Peruvian cacti.

Buy: Peruvian Apple Cactus Trimmings $45.00

10. Amazon


Look, sometimes you just want to pretend like you’ve got the real thing, because you know that you’re probably not going to be able to care for a cactus like you should. That’s where Amazon is incredibly helpful. While the site does sell and deliver real cacti, they also have the best selection of faux fare available. Just look at these assorted minis, which would be perfect on any living room table or shelf.

Buy: MyGift 5-Inch Mini Assorted Artificial Cactus Plants, $45.00

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