How To Make Bulletproof Coffee Step-By-Step

When Bulletproof Executive creator Dave Asprey had his first cup of traditional yak butter tea in Tibet in 2004, he knew he was drinking something special. He was at an 18,300-foot elevation in a remote part of the region near Mt. Kailash — the air was thin and the temperature was below freezing, yet the tea left him feeling rejuvenated.

When Asprey returned home, he got to work trying to create a similar beverage using his preferred morning beverage — coffee — with hopes that he could also recreate how the Tibetan brew had made him feel. It took some trial and error before he landed on the winning combination for Bulletproof Coffee: unsalted grass-fed butter, a coconut extract called MCT oil, and low-toxin coffee, all blended together.

According to Asprey, his particular recipe for butter coffee optimizes mental performance, keeps energy levels up and can even help you shed pounds. How so? Caffeine has beneficial effects on inflammation in the brain, and it also increases insulin sensitivity, which is necessary for sustained weight loss. In addition, consuming coffee with fat crushes food cravings and increases the gut bacteria found in thin people, according to Asprey, but the kind of fat you choose is important. “Milk blocks coffee’s antioxidant power; butter and MCT oil doesn’t,” says Asprey who this week released his first book The Bulletproof Diet.

Yahoo Health Editor-in-Chief Michele Promaulayko sat down with the author and entrepreneur to learn about his unique eating protocol.

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