How 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant's One Letter Misstep Cost Her Major Prize

Viewers recently witnessed one contestant miss out on some serious cash.

Wheel of Fortune viewers recently witnessed one contestant miss out on some serious cash.

On Friday's episode of the famed game show, contestant Micki was merely three letters away from completing a puzzle in the “Thing” category—already having landed on the $1 million wedge, with a vacation to Croatia also on the table.

The board read: "A ROARING FIRE IN THE FIRE _ _ A _ E," as host Pat Sajak instructed the Louisiana native to choose her next letter.

Many thought the unsolved word "FIREPLACE" seemed almost obvious, but the player's guess that followed surprised everyone, as the live studio audience was audibly disappointed when she asked Sajak to put an "S" on the board, in turn, sounding off the incorrect-answer buzzer.

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“You got the reaction. No ‘S,’ I’m sorry,” the long-time host said of the crowd’s dismay.

A player can compete for $1 million in the bonus round if they land on the $1 million wedge during regular gameplay, solve the puzzle and win the game. At that point, the 7-figure amount is placed in one of the bonus round envelopes.

The show’s official TikTok account revealed in a March 4 clip that only three contestants have ever won the $1 million prize.

Alas, Mickie is far from the only player to let down viewers at home with an ill-placed guess. Last week, contestant Angie sent social media into an uproar with her lack of knowledge on deli toppings.

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