What’s Wrong With This Photo of Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi?

Nick Viall with Vanessa Grimaldi carrying grocery bags
Photo: AKM

The latest Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi meme has Bachelor Nation debating etiquette, equal rights, and Nick Viall’s manners — all thanks to one photo.

Paco, who runs the “prëeminent Bachelor-related Instagram on Instagram,” posted a paparazzi picture of the newly engaged couple walking out of the grocery store in California. He captioned it “first time Nick’s shoes aren’t the most objectionable thing in a photo” and left it to Bachelor fans to find the issue. The alleged problem? Grimaldi carried the couple’s haul of groceries, while Viall walked empty-handed.

I'll let y'all decide for yourselves what it is.

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Fans were quick to weigh in on Viall’s manners, or lack thereof. “Why isn’t he helping with the bags??? Someone needs some advice on how to be a gentleman,” one commenter wrote. “I don’t care what anyone says…a man should NEVER allow you to carry the groceries. Even if it was 1 bag,” another agreed.

Others point out that Grimaldi — who fans will remember isn’t known for being afraid to speak her mind — could easily have grabbed the bags herself, like any adult woman would. “She could have told him she wanted to carry the bags herself…..” a commenter wrote. Another called on feminism, or the equal right to do chores: “It’s called equal opportunity! Woman want equal rights! Well they can carry the bags & open the doors themselves & take out the trash & mow the lawns etc.”

Especially after their less-than-magical After the Final Rose appearance, fans will take any opportunity to close examine this couple. But does either side have a point? Relationship expert and author of Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband) Andrea Syrtash says outsiders shouldn’t rush to judge. “This doesn’t necessarily signal that Nick is selfish or that Vanessa is left to do all the household tasks. She’s a secure and modern woman, and my guess is that she grabbed the bags without much thought on the way out of the store,” Syrtash tells Yahoo Style.

As for deciding who does the chores, Syrtash says there might be more going on between Nick and Vanessa than meets the eye. “Don’t undermine how appealing ‘chore play’ is! Doing domestic tasks (especially ones you don’t usually do at home) is often a turn-on for your partner!” she says. “In general, couples need to communicate and compromise when it comes to tasks, or resentments are bound to pop up. Many women today work outside the home, and there’s an expectation that both partners will contribute to the household.”

Hundreds of comments later, Paco weighed in on the drama his “‘objectionable'” post had caused. “MY TAKE: Regardless of your view on equality vs. chivalry, it is inarguable that Nick is guilty of poor judgment.” And the groceries weren’t his only problem with the photo: “[Nick] is photographed dressed in age-inappropriate leisure wear… he needs an image consultant.”

Fans aren’t going to stop having opinions about a couple who they watched get engaged on a primetime reality show. We have a feeling that next time Nick and Vanessa go grocery shopping, they’ll leave with their goodies in a cart.

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