What's The Right Way To Cut A Sandwich, Diagonal or Horizontal?

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How Do You Cut A Sandwich, Diagonal or Horizontal?getty images

Now that we're done debating the right way to eat a sandwich, it's time to move on to a more serious matter: The best way to slice a sandwich.

The preferred way to slice sandwiches is the latest food debate shaking up the internet, thanks in part to a Reddit post that declares, "Sandwiches that are cut horizontally are better than sandwiches cut diagonally."

Hold up. First of all, Mr. Horizontal, please calm down because there's no way a horizontally sliced sandwich is superior to one that's been sliced diagonally. The seductive triangular shape alone is enough to take home a win for Team Diagonal.

Triangles just taste better. Think about that slice of pizza you ate last week or that leftover slice of cake sitting in your fridge. Not to mention tortilla chips! Samosas! All triangles! In fact, the only exciting rectangular food is an ice cream sandwich—and it probably doesn't even melt because it's not real ice cream!

Also, is it just me or is a diagonally cut sandwich just easier to eat. Those angular corners certainly make for an excellent first bite.

Of course, there are diagonal haters out there. In the Reddit thread claiming that horizontal as the ideal slice, commenters rallied in the poster's defense.

"Agree. I can't stand diagonal cut," one person wrote.

"Horizontal Cut forever," read another comment.

Apparently, the sandwich debate is so intense it almost broke up a happy home.

"Grew up with horizontal cut. Hubs was aghast first time I made him a sandwich. He came from a diagonal home. We had conversations! LOL," one user shared.

Which side are you on?

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