What We Learned From Our Fathers

Joanna Douglas
·Senior Editor

In honor of the men who made us who we are today, we’re sharing the wisdom our fathers imparted on us and exactly what we adore most about them. They led by example with passion, confidence, humor, and love. Forever indebted, we celebrate them today.


Bobbi Brown and her father Joe Brown. (Photo: Bobbi Brown)

“My dad is has taught me how to live a bright passionate life filled with love. Family, food, and travel are always as important as good hard work. Creativity and positivity is a common thread in my dad’s life lessons. He has taught me how not to get overwhelmed but to compartmentalize. He is the biggest example that a positive attitude is a choice. How lucky am I to be the recipient of his constant and unconditional love.” — Bobbi Brown


Sara Bliss and her father. (Photo: Sara Bliss)

“I absolutely adored my dad. It’s amazing to me how many of the things I love are things he taught me to appreciate — reading, writing, movies, running, travel, and family. Growing up he was larger than life with a big booming laugh, a love of running marathons, and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He used to skip hand-in-hand down the street with me when I was little. I can only imagine what we looked like: My dad wearing his suit after work, singing this completely ridiculous song that we made up at the top of our lungs. He loved life and I love that he never held back.” — Sara Bliss


Joanna Douglas and her father. (Photo: Joanna Douglas)

“My dad has the unwavering optimism, obsession with rock music, penchant for pranks, and completely unbridled enthusiasm typically abandoned at adolescence, so to say he’s a child at heart is an understatement. As his first born, I’m proud to say I’ve inherited all these traits, as well as his impeccable taste in film. I don’t know his life motto, but I’d guess it is John Lennon’s words: “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” He spends his life following his passion wherever it leads him, knowing everything else will inevitably fall into place. I’m so grateful he raised my brother and I this way, so we, too, had the courage and determination to chase our dreams and make them realities. His generosity, kindness, and spirit are admired by many and appreciated by all.” — Joanna Douglas


Tara Tersigni and her father. (Photo: Tara Tersigni)

“JFK aficionado, thrill seeker, resilient, fun loving, pop culture savant, and charming as hell are all words that can be used to define the kind of man my dad is. He’s a man’s man, but was blessed with two girls. Well, we can be thankful for that, because it encouraged my sister and I to become smart, athletic, confident women who can talk everything from the perfect red lip to the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Not to mention because of Dad I’m able to say I’ve seen Frank Sinatra in concert and can also shop for a new outfit in record time (men don’t like to wait). His latest endeavor is becoming an Instagram legend @bostonmikeyt — Follow if you dare.” — Tara Tersigni


Alexandra Perron and her father. (Photo: Alexandra Perron)

“Everyone says they have the best dad in the entire world, but I actually do. Really. My dad is incredibly hard working, generous, and loving. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for someone in our family and I can’t imagine having a better role model in my life. I’m so grateful for all of his encouragement and support over the years — I wouldn’t be doing what I love today if it wasn’t for him!” — Alexandra Perron


Noel Duan and her father. (Photo: Noel Duan)

“I’m just going to perpetuate Asian parenting stereotypes with this story, but I used to spend hours after school in elementary school doing ‘extra’ math homework assigned by my dad. I really dreaded it, even when I started failing 4th grade math. By the end of sixth grade, I had the top marks in the class, even though I spent the better part of every evening crying about how bad at math I was. My dad stopped tutoring me in math in high school, but at that point, I was acing my AP and SAT math exams and realizing that being good at math and science is something to work towards and to be proud of. My father believes in women in STEM, and now I know that sometimes you DO have to push your daughters to excel in math and science, and it’s worth it.” — Noël Duan

Francisco Nunez and his father. (Photo: Francisco Nunez)

As father he was loving.
As a husband he was loyal.
As an uncle he was generous.
To whomever knew him he was Royal.
His sense of humor Kept every room alive
But still knew how to keep everything in line.
His employees knew him as humorous, perfectionist and a trustworthy boss.
God blessed him with a life full of purpose.
He posed all of the qualities of a great noble man
 and for that we thank God.
He left this world with no regrets on his chest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best.
It hurts because we’ve lost an amazing man
but it’s better than to have never known him at all.
May God rest his Soul
- Johanna Rojas


Laura Cates and her father. (Photo: Laura Cates)

“My dad was and still is my inspiration. He had the biggest heart and was so completely humble. Through his kindness he inspired me, encouraging me to be creative and remain humble and shaped me into the woman I am today.” — Laura Cates


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