The Wet Room Is the Luxurious Bathroom Trend That’s Everywhere Right Now

This luxurious bathroom trend is everywhere right now—but a wet room isn’t necessarily right for every home.

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With many people increasingly valuing wellness rooms and the infusion of luxury into everyday routines, the wet room has been on the rise. Many homeowners are now looking to upgrade their bathrooms to create a more spa-like experience by adding this high-end bathroom layout.

“A wet room is a completely watertight space inside a bathroom, containing a shower and bathtub, without a traditional shower curb. I like to think of it as a room inside a room,” says Ashley DeLapp, founder of Ashley DeLapp Interior Design.

Often seen in hotels, wet rooms have become more and more popular in homes. But creating a wet room is a major renovation, and not all trends last the test of time. So, is the wet room worth it? Here, we look into the details of this latest design darling so you can decide whether it’s right for your lifestyle and space.

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<p>Ann VanderWiel Wilde</p>

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

Why Wet Rooms Are Trending Right Now

“Wet rooms are gaining in popularity right now because they offer a luxurious feel and spa-like environment. They are definitely sleek and stylish and offer a more modern aesthetic to a traditional bath,” DeLapp says.

More of us have bought into the idea that our homes are our sanctuaries from the world since COVID, and many homeowners are looking to infuse the luxuries they once found through travel into their everyday lives.

Something else that we learned during lockdown? Every inch of our homes makes a difference. So it’s not surprising that DeLapp cites saving space as a benefit of this trend.

“If you have a smaller bathroom, combining the function of a shower and freestanding tub in a smaller footprint makes more of a design statement than a standard alcove tub and shower combination,” she says. “Another bonus and benefit is [that] the lack of a shower curb creates an accessible bathroom, perfect for aging in place,” an increasingly common concern for homeowners who justifiably want their spaces to adapt with them, and not the other way around.

James Yochum
James Yochum

What Homeowners Need to Know Before Trying the Wet Room Trend

Before any pricey renovation, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the project. It’s often said that bathrooms and kitchens are what sell a house, so it makes sense to be thoughtful before jumping on every trend, particularly in these spaces. Here are some things to consider when deciding if a wet room is right for you.

“The main drawback and downside to a wet room is the cost. Wet rooms require floor-to-ceiling tile on every surface, which can quickly drive up your budget. Additionally, there are more ventilation requirements, and therefore wet rooms require a higher level of waterproofing,” DeLapp says.

If the waterproofing and ventilation aren’t done well, there is a risk of water damage and mold beyond what you would have with a regular bathroom setup. So if you’re considering adding a wet room, you must ensure you’re working with a contractor with experience with these specific types of installations.

Additionally, since the entire wet room can end up, well, wet when it’s used, it’s important that the floor isn’t too slippery, because you don’t want to create a hazard where people can easily fall. But this issue can be easily mitigated by using the correct tile, so just make sure that you take this into account when selecting your finishes.

The openness of a wet room space has some substantial advantages, too. In addition to looking sleek and stylish, a wet room’s open nature makes it easier to keep clean. In addition to saving time, it also means there’s less of a risk of creating mold and mildew in the space (as discussed above, as long as it’s properly waterproofed and ventilated).

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Edmund Barr
Edmund Barr

Is a Wet Room Right for You?

Wet rooms reflect the way that we live now. Most people are looking for a little bit of luxury when it comes to their bathrooms. Plus, having an accessible bathroom that makes aging in place easier is a great idea if you’re considering staying in your home long-term. And, if you are thinking about selling, a fully renovated bathroom will appeal to new buyers.

While wet rooms aren’t for everyone, the pros of this trend make this renovation one worth considering, if the concept appeals to you.

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