My Way to Well: Migraine

·1 min read

The Numbers

Living with migraine can often feel isolating, but the reality is that many people know exactly what you're going through. SELF surveyed over 800 people with migraine in the U.S. in February 2021 to find the common threads and trends that exist across the migraine experience.

The Stories

Everyone's experience with migraine is unique, which is why you'll find so many powerful, nuanced stories in this section. Click around to hear from migraine patients about how they navigate triggers, how they manage symptoms, and the advice they wish they'd had when they were first diagnosed.

The Journey

Finding the right treatment plan for your migraine can be, well, a journey. So we talked to people with migraine along with board-certified dermatologists for their advice on making this process a bit simpler.

Originally Appeared on SELF