Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of February 06, 2023

Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of February 06, 2023. Discover your Weekly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


Everything's awesome at the beginning of the week, and you're the life of the party. Who needs attention when you're this full of daring, romantically speaking? Wednesday and Thursday find you extremely busy, and it's more about hustle and bustle than anything love related. Press on, but be sure to take care of your health. Charm is the key factor this weekend. Putting someone else first is what makes you feel like you're number one.


Get in the mood at the beginning of the week by being extra tolerant of and sweet to your mate and/or the world at large. An argument is nowhere near as fun as coming up with a creative compromise. Wednesday and Thursday are the best days for love this week. Dating apps are a treasure trove for singles. The coupled up will probably find themselves stealing away for secret kisses. The variations from your usual routine this weekend are very refreshing.


Fun is definitely on tap on Monday and Tuesday. Your heart is light and your world is shiny. Make special plans with friends or a sweetheart and tie a bow on the pretty package the stars are sending you. Family and errands are likely to occupy you midweek. However, a piece of romantic advice that's actually useful could come your way now, too. From Friday all the way through the weekend, warmth plus joy plus you equals some definite possibilities for sweet stuff. Keep an eye out for the person you want there with you!


Shopping at the beginning of the week could find you contemplating an extravagant splurge, whether it's a gift for your partner or perhaps something extra hot to wear. If you can afford it, why not? You are worth it, after all. While you're taking care of some details on Wednesday and Thursday, you should also be aware that you've got a unique opportunity for some great romantic communication. Making or deepening a sweet connection is definitely in the stars. Watch out for stress this weekend. A partnership should be a source of support.


All the radiance and warmth of someone is focused on you at the beginning of the week, or is that you shining from within? Whichever, you're all heart, and the world (and likely someone in particular) is responding in kind. Your plans and/or budget occupy you on Wednesday and Thursday, possibly to the exclusion of more romantic matters. But from Friday through the weekend, it's like the romantic good luck is somehow attached to you. Enjoy the heck out of your week!

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Your social plans could be shifting on Monday and Tuesday, or you might just feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Show yourself some love by taking time out for a bath or a peaceful walk. Wednesday and Thursday, however, are super days for whatever you put your mind and organizational skills to. Why not romance? Plan a hot date with your partner or locate the cream of the crop if you're single. The weekend brings both the sparkle and fun times. Enjoy!


Big fun is all yours at the beginning of the week, and you just might be the one organizing it. Your hopes for romance could become reality now. Try wishing on a star. The fun continues on Wednesday and Thursday, but look out for getting worn out. Some time, at least a little, spent doing nothing at all with your partner or alone is time well spent. From Friday through the weekend, your spirit is bright and you're absolutely extra attractive because of it. You're like a gift to the world!


You're ready to go all out at the beginning of the week, but the stars say to save some of that energy and any big romantic overtures until midweek. You see, on Wednesday and Thursday, plans and fun and secrets and friends and more-than-friends are all favored, making for exactly the stuff you love. Enjoy the heck out of yourself, and someone else, too. Relax into the weekend. Low-key family time is just about your speed now. What stellar timing! Don't be surprised if your heart has a message for you.


You are definitely in the mood for love at the beginning of the week. The stars are pretty much gift-wrapping whatever it is your heart desires and expediting it to your door. Wednesday and Thursday could bring a little bumpiness when it comes to a significant other or prospect for one. A little patience is all you need. By Friday and all the way through the weekend, it's fun and (with you around) lots of laughter. Have the best time!


The various demands of your work or of someone in particular could have you feeling a little worn out on Monday or Tuesday. Plan some "me" time amid the rush. Midweek, you'll regain your spirits, and a love connection, possibly a long-distance one, is likely a part of the hustle and bustle. Plans for the future are in the stars, too. This weekend, you've got tons of energy, and it's all a matter of where you want to direct it. Family? Friends? Love? Why not all three?


The excitement of someone special is thrilling on Monday and Tuesday, with some rather extraordinary stuff being a distinct possibility. Put yourself on the line when it comes to giving and receiving love and the results may astound you. Get a little more grounded midweek. You'll want a solid basis for dealing with others, some of whom may be shifting now. But starting Friday, bells are ringing and you're chiming in. All you have to do to spark a little romance is be chatty and witty. No problem!


It's a busy time with lots of fun to be had, but you want to be mindful of your health on Monday and Tuesday. Try not to overindulge. Relationships are in the stars midweek, whether past, present, or future. Let the spirit guide you and see what you're shown. The weekend's about a lovely balance of giving and receiving and about some definite improvement. Give yourself permission to let go of some old issues before they create more problems.

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