Wedding photographer shuts down bride who asked for refund over Black Lives Matter posts

An Ohio photographer is being praised

online after shutting down a client...

who tried to terminate her contract over her support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Shakira Rochelle, a Cincinnati-area wedding and birth photographer, received a text message from a bride-to-be on June 15...

expressing anger over

Rochelle’s personal social

media posts supporting BLM.

In the text message, the bride requested a refund on her deposit.

In response, Rochelle explained

that “unfortunately,” there

was nothing she could do.

as the contract the couple

signed was nonrefundable.

The bride simply replied, “you will be hearing from our attorney”.

In an interview with local news station WXIX, Rochelle said she has been overwhelmed

by the mostly positive reaction...

she has received following the incident, including nearly 100,000 likes on her business’s Facebook page and tons of positive reviews.

“I lost a day of work,” she added. “It doesn’t even begin to compare to what our friends...

and our people of color go through every day just waking up”

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