Can You Wear a Jumpsuit to a Wedding?

Stylists say yes — but there are certain details to consider before rocking this one-piece outfit.

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These days, wedding season seemingly never ends, and if your attendance at these various nuptials isn’t a question, we’re willing to bet what you’ll be wearing is. When piecing together the perfect wedding guest outfit, your first order of business is always to scan the invitation for a dress code. Unfortunately, these details aren’t addressed on paper, but there are always clues (i.e. the venue, date and time, etc.) that allude to whether you should be dressing in formal wear, like an evening gown, or if you can get away with wearing a wedding guest jumpsuit that’s a little laxer.

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Can you wear a jumpsuit to a wedding?

Here’s the scoop: Unless there is a strict dress code, or the couple requests gowns and suits exclusively, Stitch Fix style expert, Alicia Lloyd tells InStyle you can absolutely wear a wedding guest jumpsuit. Of course, if the invitation has left the event’s dress code up to interpretation, ask a friend, family member, or someone in the bridal party for more insight. Otherwise, go for it.

“There are so many formal jumpsuit options out there, such as this velvet piece from Ralph Lauren and this high-neck look from Black Halo, they make the perfect one-piece wedding guest outfit,” Lloyd says of the garment. “I recommend clients opt for silhouettes with long pant legs such as this fun, floral look from Free People, or this sleek black style from 1.State that can be so easily dressed up or down to fit your style, the season, and the venue.”

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Consider material and color.

Other ways Lloyd advises clients to elevate their jumpsuit wedding guest outfits is by shopping for styles that feature luxe materials, such as silk or cupro. For 2023, specifically, however, Lloyd’s focus will be on incorporating bright colors into these ensembles.

“In Stitch Fix’s annual Style Forecast, we named clementine the color of the year for 2023 and we’re already seeing more bridal parties opt for this juicy hue,” she says of the bright orange shade. But while normally the bolder the better, she goes on to note that balance can also be key, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. “If you are going for a more neutral look, consider adding an accessory for a pop of color. Or if you are going bold with your color, try to balance that out with neutral shoes and accessories.”

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How to style your wedding guest jumpsuit.

Lloyd’s mention of accessories is significant, as details like what shoes and jewelry you wear are important tools that can dress an ensemble up or down. A pair of sandals, for instance, is perfect for a beach wedding but would feel out of place at a cocktail event. You know the saying “read the room?” Read the venue. Look it up online, browse through the image gallery, and really get a feel for the type of nuptials you’re attending before shopping your closet.

As far as "rules" to wearing a jumpsuit to a wedding, according to stylist Christina Stein, only one comes to mind: “Jumpsuits are a great alternative to a dress and it can really set you apart [at a wedding]. However, I think the only rule you should adhere to is 'no white' because, well that’s a no-no!”

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