Waverly CSD student’s clean-up for Earth Day

WAVERLY, N.Y. (WETM) — Throughout the day, 1,600 students from Waverly Central School District volunteered their time as garbage collectors and cleaned up various areas around the village.

On a field trip, early afternoon, students filled up bags of trash from bottles to cans at Waverly Glen Park and Glenwood Cemetery to make the area look immaculate.

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Eighth grader Lauryn Wells of Waverly CSD said, “Just the fact that we all wanted to help make the community looking better and stuff like that. Just make a better connection with the earth and make it a better place.”

Another eighth-grader student Maddison Harvey joined the conversation adding, “The world is kind of nasty right now, and we’re trying to clean it out to make it a better place to live. It’s better to be in the community because most people see it. They think that it’s a better place to be here, and they feel welcomed.”

One student emphasized the fun of going outside and cleaning up the community to make it a better place.

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