This Waterfall Kitchen Island Is Renovation Goals

coombsville, napa valley, california home of designers justin hafen and john hurley interior designer hurleyhafen
12 Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas to Steal Right NowDouglas Friedman

What does luxury modern kitchen design mean to you? We all see different things when we picture our dream kitchen. If you love to cook, it might be equipped with gleaming professional-quality appliances. If entertaining's your thing, it might need a showstopping kitchen island for guests to gather around—and maybe a built-in bar to hold your glassware and fixings for cocktail hour. You may want a different layout and have different priorities if luxury means feeling calm when you pack your kids' lunch or being able to watch your favorite show while you prep dinner.

Regardless of your goals, know that luxurious kitchens can come in all sizes, from petite but powerful galleys to expansive farmhouse kitchens. Space alone doesn't make a space feel luxurious—although, as you'll see in our examples below, a soaring ceiling doesn't hurt. A small kitchen can be the epitome of luxury when you plan the space you have smartly.

Luxury also speaks to more than just how a kitchen looks. Sure, you want pretty surfaces and stunning lighting, but you also need a kitchen that's as effortless to use and maintain as possible. A truly luxurious kitchen is as practical as it is pretty, with thoughtful details that help increase its functionality and comfort.

If a jaw-dropping space is on your renovation wishlist, look no further than these 12 luxury modern kitchen design ideas. From gilded accents to nuanced paint choices, these kitchens are the blueprint for a luxury design that's aspirational and liveable. Go ahead, spring for the marble or steal a layout—it'll be a great starting point for any renovation you're planning.

Work in Glam Metallics

When we think of the word luxury, one of the first things that comes to mind is metallic accents. While kitchens always have a touch of metal, there are not always decorative elements that glimmer and shine. In this 1850s historic home, designer Corey Damen Jenkins brought the drama with standout stools and a linear light fixture.

1850s historic home in cohasset\, massachusetts interior designer corey damen jenkins associates
Andrew Frasz

Add a Place to Dine

Make the most of a long and lean layout with a kitchen island table. In this Brooklyn townhouse, designer Eneia White incorporated a stepped-down table into the island. It defines a place for casual meals and features standard—not counter height—seating, which may be more comfortable for some diners.

modern design ideas with extended island
Nick Glimenakis

Try a Wall Treatment

Visual layers are an easy way to up the coziness and luxe feel of any space. One great way to achieve that? A specialty paint technique. Finishes like plaster or limewash can add subtle texture to a room, warming up even the most utilitarian spaces with their chalky and mottled appearance.

modern kitchen with wall treatment

Select a Standout Stone

Nothing says luxury quite like a bold kitchen countertop, especially when you let it waterfall over the sides of the island. Natural stone slabs are inherently precious since no two look exactly alike. Opt for one with dramatic veining, like this granite masterpiece in a kitchen by Corey Damen Jenkins, to attract attention and start conversation.

modern kitchen with dark veining on island
Werner Straube

Sneak in Some Color

Luxury doesn't have to be stoic or serious. Case in point: this sleek and streamlined kitchen by Arent & Pyke. Your first impression of the inky cabinetry and zellige tile backsplash is that they're timeless, even quiet, selections. Open up a cabinet, however, and you get a vibrant surprise—custom interiors that add an unexpected and refreshing burst of color.

modern navy blue kitchen with orange interior cabinets
Arent & Pyke

Get Graphic

Creative touches up the luxury of your kitchen immensely by making it one of a kind. In this kitchen by Arent & Pyke, the high-end stone countertops continue along the front of the island where they meet at a dramatic, angular seam. Dark grout and linear lining call extra attention to the special design detail.

modern kitchen with graphic elements
Anson Smart

Reinvent the Classics

At its best, luxury lives at the intersection of form and function. No kitchen feature exemplifies the idea better than a beautiful pot rack. They're a great way to add storage and display your favorite cookware. This kitchen by Jon de la Cruz features a high-end version that looks like an art installation.

modern kitchen with checkered floor and pot rack
Jonny Valiant

Go Bold With Lighting

You don't have to go big with every element to up the luxury of your kitchen—just focus on one. In this California kitchen by design firm HurleyHafen, a sculptural light fixture is the main event. It's an eye-catching element that casts a glow on everything around it.

coombsville, napa valley, california home of designers justin hafen and john hurley interior designer hurleyhafen
Douglas Friedman

Choose Dark Countertops

If bold and gutsy elements fit your vibe, swap traditional white countertops for moody dark marble or quartz. This kitchen by designer Linda Hayslett pairs a polished and veiny black stone with light cabinetry and floor-to-ceiling windows. The effect is luxurious and grounded yet bright and airy.

modern kitchen with black marble countertops
Lauren Pressey

Spring For Custom Everything

When it came time for designer Martin Lawrence Bullard to build his own dream kitchen, he leaned into customization. Nearly everything in his bespoke space—from the cabinetry to the appliances—was designed especially for his home, proving that sometimes a one-of-a-kind kitchen is the biggest luxury of all.

emerald green kitchen
Victoria Pearson

Consider Every Surface

Pay close attention to all the finishes you select, from the floors to the ceiling. It's vital in any kitchen, especially if you don't have a ton of windows. Designer Eric Olsen chose three unique materials—warm planking on the ceiling, different tiles for the island, backsplash, and walls—to ensure every surface brings something new to the table.

black and blue kitchen
Karyn Millet

Play With Texture

If quiet luxury is your calling card, look to nuanced textures and palettes to up the ante in your kitchen. In this space designed by Robson Rak, a neutral color scheme feels fresh and alive thanks to the many different textures it incorporates, from stone tile floors and matte metal fixtures to fluted cabinetry.

modern kitchen with light cabinetry
Shannon McGrath

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