Watch a UFC Lightweight Attempt to Fight 10 U.S. Marines

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

Pro MMA fighter Paddy "The Baddie" Pimblett switches up his training routine this week with a visit to the USMC Martial Arts program at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, where he is coached through a combat conditioning circuit workout. The circuit consists of crawls, battle ropes, bag work, twists, jumping lunges, pushups, crunches and soldier lifts, and considering this comes on the tail end of a week of his regular MMA training, it's not long before the fatigue and soreness start to build up, and the endurance and readiness of the Marines stands in stark contrast to Pimblett's.

After a short period of rest, the UFC lightweight steps back into his comfort zone, and with the shoe on the other foot, Pimblett plays instructor and gives several of the Marines a crash course in jiu jitsu grappling techniques.

Then, it's time for the Marines to test out the new grappling skills they've learned, and Pimblett volunteers to fight all 10 of them, one at a time: every time he manages to tap out one of his opponents, somebody else steps in.

Pimblett ultimately succeeds in overpowering all 10 of his opponents, despite his exhaustion. "I'm meant to be doing a 3-mile run today, it's not happening now," he jokes. "This has been one of my hardest workouts this week, you gang of big bastards!"

Later in the video, Pimblett shares with the Marines how important he finds the support system he has in his friends and family, and advocates talking openly about your mental health when you're struggling. It's a message he has publicly shared before: after his win at UFC London in July, he used the moment as an opportunity to encourage everyone, but especially men and boys, to seek help for depression.

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