Watch the Trailer for Meg Ryan's New Rom-Com

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I'm sorry, Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Sandra Bullock. There's only one queen of the rom-com and her name is Meg Ryan. When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail are arguably three of the best romantic comedies ever made, and that's thanks in part to Ryan's charismatic charm and comedic timing.

And yet, after dominating the genre throughout the '90s, Ryan has been largely absent from the big screen for more than a decade. Her last comedy was Serious Moonlight in 2009 and her only other movie since then was a drama she directed called Ithaca. Now, the wait is over. This October, Meg Ryan will be back with a new rom-com called What Happens Later, co-starring David Duchovny, which she also directed.

Here's everything you need to know about Meg Ryan's comeback in What Happens Later. 

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What is the release date for What Happens Later?

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What Happens Later will premiere in theaters on Oct. 13, 2023, in the middle of prime fall rom-com season.

Where to watch What Happens Later

What Happens Later will eventually hit streaming platforms (and appropriately be available to view on airplanes), but it will initially be available to watch only in theaters.

What is What Happens Later about?

In a classic rom-com ploy, exes Willa (Ryan) and Bill (Duchovny) get snowed in overnight at the same regional airport, several decades after their relationship ended. The one-time lovers are initially annoyed that they're stuck together, but obviously since it's a rom-com, the ice begins to thaw. Perhaps they were perfect for one another all along? We'll have to watch to find out.

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What is What Happens Later based on?

What Happens Later is based on a 2008 play called "Shooting Star" by Steven Dietz. It was adapted for the screen by Dietz, Ryan and Kirk Lynn.

Who is in the cast of What Happens Later?

Meg Ryan

<p>Taylor Hill/Getty Images</p>

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

At the moment, the announced cast for What Happens Later includes just Meg Ryan and David Duchovny. Based on the trailer, they seem to be trapped in a terminal mostly by themselves, which means we'll be getting a healthy dose of Ryan's charm.

David Duchovny

<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty Images</p>

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Playing Ryan's love interest is David Duchovny, who is best known for his television work on The X-Files and Californication. It will be exciting to see how his gruff, more stoic tone matches with Ryan's bubbly personality.

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Who is the director of What Happens Later?

Meg Ryan is not only the star of What Happens Later, but also the movie's director. This is her second feature film after 2015's Ithaca, which starred her son, Jack Quaid, whose father is Dennis Quaid.

Is there a trailer for What Happens Later?

Yes! The trailer, which delivers plenty of charming moments between the leads, arrived on Aug. 30, just in time for fall!

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