Watch: Strangers return diamond ring found on Texas beach to its owner

April 18 (UPI) -- A wedding ring lost on Texas' Galveston Island was returned to its owner's finger after being found by a couple attempting to remove an old net from the sand.

Deysi Maldonado said she was visiting Galveston Island with her family and only realized hours after digging through the sand that her wedding ring set was missing from her finger.

Maldonado enlisted the help of the Galveston Island Treasure Hunters Club, a Facebook group for metal detecting enthusiasts.

Scott Pearse and Clyde Longworth took their metal detectors to the beach to search for the ring, but soon discovered Maldonado's diamond ring had already been found.

Caleb Brignac said he and his girlfriend had only been at the beach for about 15 minutes when they spotted a fishing net partially buried in the shallow water.

Brignac started digging the net out from the sand, and when he tossed a handful of shells to the side he saw a diamond ring fly through the air.

The couple saw Pearse and Longworth using his metal detectors nearby and approached them with their discovery.

Pearse said it was a particularly lucky discovery, because it turned out the ring had been buried so deep in the sand that their metal detectors likely wouldn't have found it.

The metal detectorists put the two couples in contact and the ring was soon returned to Maldonado's finger.