Watch: 'Speedcuber' solves Rubik’s Cube in 3 seconds, sets new world record


A Rubik’s Cube world record has officially been set by American Max Park.

The record-breaking moment: At the Pride at Long Beach 2023 World Cube Association Competition on June 11, Park, 21, achieved a new world record by solving a three-by-three-by-three Rubik’s Cube within 3.13 seconds, beating the previous record by 0.34 of a second.

In the video uploaded by Park to YouTube, he can be seen carefully inspecting the cube before the timer begins. Mere seconds after he starts the timer, Park successfully solves the cube, stops the timer and jumps up in excitement. Filled with excitement, Park jumps around as the crowd yells, claps and takes photos to commemorate the exciting moment.

“So happy to achieve a life goal of getting fastest single 3x3,” Park expressed in his video description.

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About Max Park: A Cerritos, California, native, Park initially began solving Rubik’s cubes to improve his motor skills after being diagnosed with moderate to severe autism. He later learned to "speedcube" and began participating in competitions and is now considered one of the world's top speedcubers.

With notable achievements in the speedcubing world — including multiple world records in the four-by-four-by-four, five-by-five-by-five, six-by-six-by-six and more — Park also previously made an appearance in the 2020 Netflix documentary “The Speed Cubers.”

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