Watch: Somehow, Leo Fioravanti Landed This Wild Layback at Lowers

After a few years of falling on and off the Championship Tour, Leo Fioravanti is finally off to a hot start. Sitting at 10th place on Tour, with 5 events left, he has a solid chance at qualifying for the Top 5 at Trestles in September.

If he does, consider this clip a warning shot to his competitors.

Yesterday, at pumping Lower Trestles, Fioravanti rode this wave to perfection. Literally. If this ride were in a heat, it’s 10 points. Hands down.

His followers seem to agree, with comments ranging from “that’s a 15” to “that was wild bruv” and everything in-between.

So while Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina will be Top 5 favorites (and we do expect Medina to blitz the back half off the year and make it), don’t sleep on Fioravanti. J-Bay and El Salvador are coming up, and both stops are huge strengths for Fioravanti on his forehand.

All we’re saying is: Don’t count him out. Not while he’s doing surfing like this.


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