Watch: Snowboarder Uses Abandonded Car As His Personal Terrain Park

When it comes to snowboarding, it's all about embracing your inner artist and carving your own masterpiece down the mountain. And in the realm of creative expression, professional snowboarder Brandon Reis has truly taken it to the next level. He's not content with just the regular terrain parks or pristine slopes. No, no, no! Brandon has decided to turn an old Jeep Cherokee into his own personal terrain park. Talk about thinking outside the box (or in this case, outside the ski resort)!

Now, while we applaud Brandon's ingenuity and his daring spirit, we can't help but wonder if his insurance company shares our enthusiasm. I mean, I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure modifying a vehicle into a snowboarding playground isn't exactly covered under the "Acts of Wintertime Shenanigans" policy.

Can you imagine the conversation with the insurance agent?

Agent: "So, Mr. Reis, can you explain how your Jeep Cherokee ended up with so many scratches?"

Brandon: "Well, you see, I wanted to take my creative expression to new heights, so I turned my car into a mobile terrain park. And trust me, the jumps are sick!"

Agent: facepalms "I see... and did you happen to consult our 'Snowboarding on Vehicles' coverage before embarking on this venture?"

But hey, maybe Brandon has discovered a whole new niche in extreme sports. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll have "Jeep Jibbing" competitions, and insurance companies will have to scramble to create policies for it. Until then, Brandon, we wish you the best of luck—and maybe a phone call to your insurance provider wouldn't hurt either!

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