Watch Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Crush TikTok's Viral 'Grace Kelly Challenge'

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Photo credit: Ryan Reynolds/TikTok
Photo credit: Ryan Reynolds/TikTok

It’s often a fool’s errand to figure out why anything goes viral on TikTok, but other times you don’t need too much analysis to figure it out. That’s the case with a video Ryan Reynolds posted on the video-sharing app, quickly racking up more than 50 million views thanks in part to a cameo by Will Ferrell.

Reynolds and Ferrell jumped on the bandwagon (as Reynolds admitted, a little late) for the “Grace Kelly challenge,” a meme that asks people to harmonize on the lyrics to a 2007 song by Mika titled, you guessed it, “Grace Kelly.” The original features layered singing and a lot of vocal movement (Mika’s voice goes really high), which makes it great fodder for TikTok’s editing features—and just the kind of thing that would go viral.

The challenge has been pinging around TikTok for weeks now, and leaking out to other social media platforms the way TikTok videos often do. Then came Reynolds and Ferrell. The video starts with Reynolds hitting the helpfully labeled “low part,” and plenty of viewers have been surprised at his singing talent.

He harmonizes with himself for two more go-rounds, then Will Ferrell slides into frame, hitting the very high falsetto. Reynolds feigns annoyance before giving in—yes, this is legitimately a duet now. And honestly, they make it work. “Late to the Grace Kelly trend but way early for our movie musical,” reads the caption, and it’s not hard to picture the two in, say, a musical version of A Christmas Carol.

Besides the millions of views, the video caught the attention of Mika himself, who posted it to Instagram, writing, “I could be brown I could be blue I should get TikTok and do one of these too.”

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