Watch The Rock Do Preacher Curls With Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

THE INCREDIBLE CAREER of professional bodybuilder Phil Heath, from his early days of competing to his triumphant seven consecutive years winning the title of Mr. Olympia and subsequent return to the podium in 2020, is explored in the forthcoming documentary Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story.

As he prepares for the film's release, Heath is looking back on its origins—and in a recent Instagram post, he revealed that it was actually during a workout with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that the idea first came to him to chronicle his journey back from injury to the famous competition.

"The 'Arm Day' that turned into a deep discussion about me going back to the Olympia Stage in 2020 to film Breaking Olympia," Heath wrote in the caption for the clip, seemingly recorded prior to his Mr. Olympia comeback, which saw him place third. "I guess we can all agree that this was one hell of a productive training session."

The video shows both Heath and Johnson each executing a set of preacher curls on an EZ bar, with Johnson's strength coach Dave Rienzi standing by to monitor their form. Preacher curls have been an arm-building favorite of The Rock for some time now; unlike standing curls, the set-up here eliminates all momentum from the equation, working the biceps in almost-total isolation with very little assistance from the shoulders.

This forces him to squeeze hard on each repetition, driving blood into the muscle and creating a strong mind-muscle connection.

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