Watch Method Man Crush a 500-Pound Deadlift

Method Man has been putting in the work in the gym over the last couple of years, getting up at 4 a.m. to pump iron and joking that he wants to "basically be The Rock, but without the tattoos and the accolades." In addition to pushing himself hard on exercises like the bench press, he Wu-Tang Clan legend has also been steadily upping his single rep max on the deadlift: Back in 2020, he pulled 435 pounds, then the following year he smashed past that with a new PR of 475 pounds.

In a new Reel on Instagram, Method just crushed a new personal deadlift record: 500 pounds.

A number of commenters expressed concern about the rapper pulling such heavy weight while only wearing his socks—but it's likely that this is an intentional choice on his part. It looks like Method is following the powerlifting school of thought where the first thing you do before stepping up to the bar is removing your shoes (and any foam-stacked soles along with them), to achieve the most advantageous positioning possible.

"We don't want to be kicked forward and leaning forward," explains powerlifting coach Chris Duffin, nicknamed the Mad Scientist of Strength. "That's gonna put our weight load in front of us and make it more challenging and it's going to create further distance that we're gonna have to pull from."

And unlike simply hauling up the barbell and then dropping it as we are accustomed to seeing in strongman events, Method also maintains a slow, controlled descent of the bar, placing his muscles under maximum time under tension, and ensuring the highest quality of eccentric contraction.

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