Watch Jason Kelce Break Down While Singing His New Christmas Song With Brother Travis

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See Jason Kelce Break Down Singing Christmas SongIcon Sportswire - Getty Images
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Is there anything Jason Kelce can't do? The father of three is a Super Bowl-winning NFL star, podcaster, and finalist for Sexiest Man Alive. Now, the Eagles center is lending his vocal talents to a Christmas album that benefits some very special causes.

Jason and his Philadelphia Eagles teammates Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson reunited to record A Philly Special Christmas Special, the follow-up to last year's A Philly Special Christmas. In addition to spreading Christmas joy, proceeds from the album benefit Philadelphia charities, including Children's Crisis Treatment Center and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

When it came time to record "Fairytale of Philadelphia," a twist on "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues, Jason called upon his brother Travis Kelce to join in on the track. In a video shared on the Philly Special Christmas TikTok account, Jason explained, "It's like two people fighting, but then they really love each other. It kinda works really good for our relationship....I think it could be a look at the relationship of two brothers, and how much you're wrapped up in your family's lives and how that impacts where you end up in life. We're doing some sad songs, but I would say it's happy. I think it's a realistic approach."

During the recording of the song, Jason got emotional singing some of the heartfelt lyrics. His gravelly voice belts out, "Happy Christmas, I love ya brother, I can see a better time when all our dreams come true." Jason and Travis playfully banter back and forth, calling each other "scum," "dirtbag," "phony," and "jabroni."

They join together for the bridge, with Jason signing, "You took my dreams from me/When Mom first had you," followed by Travis's "I kept them with me, Jas'/I put them with my own/Can't make it all alone." The two join together for the lyric, "I've built my dreams around you."

Fans left comments like, "Crying with emotion ❤️," "my heart ♡," and "CRIED!! Song is so good. These brothers adore each other! 🥰"

Jason and Travis reunited during the "Family Reunion" game on November 20, with Jason and the Eagles taking home the win this time. Here's hoping fans of the brothers see them meet up again in the post-season.

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