Watch This Guy Clean a Rat-Infested 1966 Mercury Montclair to Perfection

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Photo credit: Ammo NYC - YouTube
Photo credit: Ammo NYC - YouTube

Larry Kosilla has dealt with some disgusting cars in his time as a professional detailer. He's cleaned everything from long forgotten, rat-infested barn finds to cars abandoned in the woods covered in mold. But this 1966 Mercury Montclair might take the cake for most disgusting project ever.

Kosilla was gifted this car from one of his subscribers, as it needed to be moved off a property after sitting for nearly three decades following the owner's death. Even before it was extracted from its resting place, Kosilla knew he was in for a gross project, noting the smell emenating from the barn as he cracked the doors.

What follows is 30 minutes of deep cleaning to get the Montclair looking somewhat like it did when it was new. Almost every surface was covered in rat urine or feces, forcing Kosilla to wear protective hazmat clothing during the job. The worst discovery was a rat's nest spanning the entire underside of the rear bench seat—the biggest Kosilla has ever seen.

Of course, Larry being Larry, he's able to battle through the puke-worthy remnants and make the car look amazing. After he finishes with the cosmetic restoration, he gives the car away to one of his Instagram followers, who plans to get the mechanicals sorted. It'll only be a matter of time until this car is back on the road.

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