Watch These Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped For Six Days in Collapsed House After Landslide

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black lab that is reuntited with owner after landslide
black lab that is reuntited with owner after landslide

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On the heels of what might be the worst moment of their lives, a Seattle family received a glimmer of good news as firefighters rescued one of their beloved doggos from their home days after a landslide caused the family to evacuate.

On Jan. 7, part of the hill behind James and Didi Fritts' house slid into the back of their home, knocking it off its foundation and collapsing the second story, according to KING-TV. Didi escaped the wreckage, but their refrigerator pinned James until Seattle firefighters could cut him free. Sadly, Lily, one of their two dogs, was in the kitchen with James at the time and was crushed. But the family had no idea what had happened to their other dog, a black Lab mix named Sammy.

Until Thursday that is, when firefighters were able to get inside the home and pull the doggo—alive and well—from the depths of the wreckage.

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"We took apart the entire floor, pulled her out and she had just enough room to survive so she wasn't crushed ... I guess she was surviving on rain water the past couple days," neighbor Remy Oliver told KING-TV on Thursday.

At the beginning of the extremely emotional KING-TV video, Didi anxiously watches as crews work inside the home. Then, as firefighters carry the pupper into the daylight, Fritts exclaims in joy and relief, "My baby! My baby!" before venturing to the stretcher where veterinarians looked Sammy over.

"It's Mommy; it's Mommy," Fritts says as she finally gets to pet and kiss Sammy.

The pupper had been trapped for nearly a week, but as she is reunited with her family she wags her tail and seems responsive and happy to be free.