Watch Blackpink's Mesmerizing MTV VMAs Performance of ‘Pink Venom’

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Blackpink came, saw, and conquered the MTV VMAs stage as first-time attendees and performers. Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa just wrapped their debut American award show performance of “Pink Venom” tonight. The fashion? Spot-on with black looks with little pink accents. The choreography? Mesmerizing. And the vocals were stunning as always. Fans on Twitter immediately gushed over clips—and Taylor Swift was into it too. You can view bits of the performance below:

Blackpink has two nominations as a group tonight—Best Metaverse Performance and Best Group—while member Lisa has a solo nomination for Best K-Pop Song (“LALISA”).

The girls are in the midst of their comeback ahead of the release of their new album Born Pink on September 16. In their May Rolling Stone cover story, Jennie reflected on how the quartet approaches creating hip-hop music.

“I don’t think hip-hop is just about rapping. Look at Rihanna—she could make anything hip-hop. Hip-hop means something different to everyone,” Jennie said, via Billboard. “To me, it’s the spirit of cool—vibes, swag, whatever words you can use. I think BLACKPINK’s hip-hop is something the world hasn’t seen before. We, four girls in their twenties from different backgrounds, are using Korean and English to weave pop music with a hip-hop base. Maybe if the really cool rappers in America, who do ‘real hip-hop,’ look at us, it can seem a little like kids doing things. Our hip-hop isn’t the rebellious kind, but we are doing something very cool. What hip-hop is this? I don’t know! It’s just cool!”

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