Watch Bacon Lovers Squeal When They Meet a Tiny Piglet

Everything is better with bacon, as most carnivores will declare. But when a few swine lovers meet a little piggy, they reconsider their love of pork.

“Bacon and steak, we look at those things as pieces of meat on our plate and not something that wants to snuggle in your arms,” said meat lover Chris.

BuzzFeed filmed unsuspecting bacon lovers being introduced to a tiny piglet for the first time. Their reactions aren’t surprising, and yet we bet it’ll get you in the feels.

After a few minutes of human-to-animal bonding, these meat lovers were ready to swear off bacon for good.

“Are my beliefs that fragile that one little cute thing in my arm is going to change everything I know?” said devout bacon lover Zach. “Kinda, yeah!”

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