Watch Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams Talk about Ohanian's Move to Leave the Reddit Board

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Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian recently resigned from the board of his company and is urging them to fill his seat with a Black candidate—and he just sat down with Serena Williams to discuss the decision.

As reported by People, Alexis said "I thought about what I could do beyond a social media post, beyond a donation," adding “We need diversity at the highest levels of business now more than ever. Once I realized why I needed to do it, it became very easy.”

Meanwhile, Serena explained that she did not ask her husband to step down from the board, saying, “A lot of people might think I told you to do something, or I forced you—he doesn’t listen to me, ever.”

Alexis also spoke about his daughter Olympia, saying “At some point, Olympia is going to have to have a talk with you, a talk with us, but especially a talk with you, about how she’s going to have to work that much harder, how she’s going to have to deal with this much more, that pisses me off.... I’m sitting here like, if I’m this pissed off just now, like how have you been able to endure your entire life? How have generations of Black Americans been able to endure your entire life?"

Serena responded by saying, “It's hard. It is definitely not easy. Like I said from the beginning, it’s something that unfortunately has become normal for us." She also spoke candidly about how her spiritual background influences her perspective, saying "it really all just boiled down to my faith."

Watch the rest of the couple's important conversation below.

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