Watch These Agatha Christie Movies When You're Craving a Good Mystery

best agatha christie movies
10 Best Agatha Christie Movies to Watch NowOllie Upton - 20th Century Studios
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Those easily enticed by an enthralling mystery movie might know a thing or two about Agatha Christie. The renowned English writer rose to fame in the in the early 1900s by writing some of the world's most famous detective novels—many of which have seen film adaptations, starring the biggest Hollywood names. No murder mystery or horror story would be left unexplained after Christie's creation of her most famous character, Hercule Poirot—a fictional, but widely popular detective that has appeared in 33 of her 75+ stories and novels. While Christie may have passed, her stories reign strong. And there's even a brand-new adaptation of her novel, A Haunting in Venice, starring Kelly Reilly from Yellowstone! Along with the new movie which is currently in theaters, we decided to curate a list of the best Agatha Christie movies to stream right now.

This list is full of titles that will ring familiar to those who can't get enough of a puzzling story. You might recognize recent remakes like Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express. That's not to say that there aren't some psychological thrillers and scary films on here that are perfect for Halloween. Such is the case with the classic, Endless Night. This list hardly does justice to the entirety of Christie's many, many stories—but it's certainly a good place to start!

A Haunting in Venice

Christie's Hercule Poirot hits the big-screen once more, this time as a retiree who gets swooped into investigating the murder of a guest at the seance he decided to attend. Now, this one is a bit haunting and mind-boggling—so prepare to be a bit spooked! Kelly Reilly from Yellowstone makes an appearance in this one.


best agatha christie movies a haunting in venice
20th Century Studios

Death on the Nile (1978)

One of the most popular Christie stories (it's been made into a movie twice!), this one centers around a group of wealthy folk who partake on a cruise along the Nile River. When someone is murdered, Hercule Poirot starts rounding up suspects. But then those suspects also begin to die. So, who is the killer?


best agatha christie movies death on the nile

Murder on the Orient Express

In true Christie style, this story revolves around a murder taking place in close quarters, this time on a train (again, full of those with money). A murder emerges, and the victim even raised his concern to Hercule Poirot before it happened. The ending is certainly not one that you'll expect.


best agatha christie movies murder on the orient express
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Witness for the Prosecution

A lawyer must defend a man being tried for murder (whom he assumes is actually innocent). Things become a lot more difficult and confusing when the wife of the accused shows up to court... against him!


best agatha christie movies united artists
United Artists

Crooked House

Charles Hayward, a former spy and newly practicing private detective, must help his fiancé figure out who in her family poisoned her loving grandfather. Glenn Close leads the pack of untrustworthy family members.


best agatha christie movies a crooked house
Stage 6 Films

Murder, She Said

Margaret Rutherford is an elderly lady with a habit of sticking her nose in other people's business. So, when she swears to police that she saw a murder through the window of the train she was on and they choose not to believe her, there's only one thing for her to do: Get to the bottom of it herself!


best agatha christie movies murder she said

The Mirror Crack'd

Jane Marple has been great at her job as a detective for quite some time. Which is exactly why she's called to solve the murder of a local woman, who we quickly find out was *not* supposed to be the target.


best agatha christie movies the mirror crackd
Columbia Pictures

Endless Night

A young, madly in love couple are more than happy to start building their new home. Though, things take a twist when they find out that the land they're building it on is allegedly cursed.


best agatha christie movies endless nights
United Artists

Ten Little Indians

Ten people, unfamiliar with each other, are invited to what they think is a lavish party. When they arrive, they are informed by a recording that they are not actually at a party, but instead in a game of murder, which they were involuntarily enrolled in after causing the death of someone else in the outside world.


best agatha christie movies ten little indians
Embassy Pictures

Evil Under the Sun

A fake diamond is initially what Hercule Poirot is investigating. Traveling to a vacation island to do more research should be easy, but that's exactly where the detective finds out about a murder. The victim just so happened to be the receiver of the diamond, making her killer even more wanted by authorities.


best agatha christie movies endless night
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