How to Wash Your Face Mask

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While everyone is starting to get used to the new normal in the wake of COVID-19, face masks play an important role in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Whether you’re taking care of a loved one who has the virus or simply going to the grocery store, you should be washing your hands often and wearing a face mask. But how should you wash your face mask?

Coronavirus Etiquette: Face Masks, Working From Home and More

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, you should be cleaning your face mask after every wear to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus and other germs. If one of your quarantine DIY projects was creating your own mask, then cleaning it should be simple.

If you are using a bandana, face scarf or other fabric masks, you can wash it along with your regular laundry using hot water. After washing, you can throw it in the dryer on a high setting. You can also consider hand-washing your fabric masks. All you need is hot, soapy water. Make sure to scrub the mask for at least 20 seconds and dry it in the dryer on high heat.

However, if you’re using medical-grade blue disposable surgical masks, those cannot be cleaned and should be thrown away — not recycled — when they are visibly soiled or damaged.

Be sure to store your freshly washed masks in a clean place until it’s time to wear them again outside.

Along with making sure your masks stay clean and germ-free, you should also consider cleaning and sanitizing certain things around the house that you never thought about cleaning before.