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Want to smell like Taylor Swift? Fans think this is her daily perfume

Swifties say that Tom Ford Santal Blush is her go-to scent.

She's given us so many clues! (Getty)
She's given us so many clues! (Getty)
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Question for you: Have you ever wondered what Taylor Swift smells like? Same here. In fact, Taylor Swift's perfume has been an unanswered question that's haunted Swifties for years. Unfortunately, it's not a bottle of discontinued Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. However, there are a few Easter eggs (get it?) out there to help us out on our journey.

Quick Overview

First, let's head back in time to the Speak Now era. During a 2010 appearance on Late Night, David Letterman observed that Taylor smelled like "expensive wood." While she didn't disclose what perfume she was wearing that night, we learned that she likes a warm and spicy scent — a major starting point in our Taylor Swift perfume investigation.

Fast-forward to the Reputation era. If you didn't know, Taylor used to hold "secret sessions" at her home where she would play her upcoming album to a select group of Swifties before it was released. While absolutely none of this has been verified, fans who attended the Reputation secret sessions have shared that Taylor revealed she wears Santal Blush by Tom Ford. And other fans who met the singer during meet-and-greets on the Reputation tour have backed up those claims.

Remember, this is all speculation amongst fans — but there is one more piece of hard evidence out there. In the 2020 Netflix documentary Miss Americana, a old bottle of Santal Blush (before Tom Ford updated the packaging) can be seen backstage during the Reputation tour with other toiletries and essentials.

Tom Ford himself says the perfume is "naked glamour with a mysterious spirit."

$295 at Sephora
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First released in 2011, Santal Blush is famously known for being warm, earthy and woody, which basically sounds like evermore wrapped in a sleek bottle. With key notes of cinnamon, sandalwood and ylang-ylang, the genderless perfume is described as "second-skin warmth" with a seductive scent. I mean, that's clearly a reason why Taylor would want to wear this perfume. Whether or not Taylor still wears Santal Blush — or it was just her go-to during the Reputation tour — Sephora reviewers are in love, calling it a "must-try" for anyone who likes musky scents.

"This product starts out really deep and spicy, but later throughout the day it warms up to a creamy flavor that is absolutely amazing," writes one Sephora shopper. "I love how long the scent last. I spray it on in the morning, and can smell it all day, and even on my coat the next morning. I receive compliments almost every time I wear it."

"I’ve been wearing this Santal Blush pretty much everyday since I received it," one five-star Sephora reviewer shares. "It’s odd because I know it’s supposed to be a bit woodsy, but it smells SO clean to me! Almost like a feminine aftershave. I apply it after I shower and can get whiffs of it all day, but it never seems overpowering."

Another thing reviewers agree on? It's super expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of more affordable perfumes out there for those of you who want to smell like Taylor Swift. Scroll below to shop some of the most beloved warm, earthy, woody and spicy perfumes that are similar to Santal Blush, but without the $300 price tag.

If you're into the deepness of Santal Blush but just want something a tiny bit sweeter, then you should definitely try Sunny Side Up from Juliette Has a Gun. It still has the same mix of sandalwood and musk, but notes here also include vanilla and a gourmand facet made of iris butter and jasmine. 

$145 at Sephora

While it's not as intensely warm and spicy like Santal Blush, Glossier You is one of the top-selling musk perfumes on the market. Formulated with pink pepper, iris and ambrox, Glossier You was created to be the ultimate personal fragrance that smells different on every person who wears it. Just like the name suggests, it smells like you. 

$72 at Sephora

The Replica Jazz Club perfume from Maison Margiela is a true warm and spicy scent. Inspired by the scents of a Brooklyn jazz club, the perfume features notes of vanilla, pink pepper, rum and smoky tobacco leaf. 

$165 at Sephora

A pure earthy and woody scent, Somebody Wood is described as a "sensual embrace with a strong and sensitive type" with the comfort and intimacy of reliable love. Wear this one if you love notes of bergamot, saffron, sandalwood, spicy amber and musk. 

$99 at Sephora

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.