Want More Sex? Try Sleeping More


Sleeping more will help couples make full use of their bedrooms, researchers say. (Image via AP Photo/Las Vegas Review-Journal, Erik Verduzco)

Women who sleep more are a lot more likely to do other things in bed, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Michigan’s Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory tracked 171 college-age women over 14 days and found that those who got more sleep had more—and better—sex, with every extra hour of sleep raising the likelihood of having sex the next day by 14%, CBS reports. The “intersection of sleep and sexual functioning” has been largely overlooked since a few studies in the 1960s, the researchers write in the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

More sleep boosted sexual desire even when factors like changes in mood were controlled for, reports the New York Times. The study’s lead author says that while snoozing won’t provide a magic fix for sexual problems, people experiencing issues should definitely make sure they are getting enough sleep.

"If there’s anything women or their partners can do to help promote good sleep for one another, whether it’s helping out around the house to reduce workload, planning romantic getaways, or just practicing good sleep hygiene, it could help protect against having problems in the bedroom," he tells CBS. (Another recent study found that married couples experience a sexual “rebound” after 50 years together.)

By Rob Quinn, Newser.com

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