Want to Give Your New Land Rover Defender Some Grit? These Accessories Will Make It Look Old and Rusted

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Have you ever found yourself looking at the new Land Rover Defender and wishing it looked a little more beat up? Well, Heritage Customs is right there with you.

The Dutch coachbuilding firm, which is run by Niels van Roij and Jan-Pieter Kroezen, has just unveiled its latest aftermarket product—a unique trim package that includes pre-rusted pieces for the reborn SUV. Once installed, the accessories give your Defender a more weathered look, like it’s spent years sitting unused in the rain and snow, even if it just rolled off the lot.

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The Magic Metal pack was designed specifically for the shop’s Defender build, the Valiance. The set consists of four rusty pieces—two diamond-pattern hood accents and two side vents—though the shop promises other pre-rusted add-ons for the exterior and interior are available upon request. The accessories are available in five finishes: classic rust, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum.

It should be noted that the shop won’t actually be installing rusty old parts on your brand-new Defender. The pieces, like those on the factory version of the SUV, are made of plastic that has been sprayed with a thin layer of the powdered metal of your choosing. After this, the accessory is brushed, polished and sanded until it reaches the level of distress that you want. Finally, a level of sealant is applied, to make sure the piece doesn’t actually deteriorate, and the pieces are fitted onto the SUV.

Heritage Customs Magic Metal pack for the Land Rover Defender Valiance
Heritage Customs Magic Metal pack for the Land Rover Defender Valiance

Auto enthusiasts normally do everything in their power to make sure their beloved vehicles don’t fall victim to rust and corrosion, but there’s no denying that Heritage Customs’s accessories add some character to the modern version of Land Rover’s classic SUV. The marque’s vehicles are designed to be driven, not displayed, and the faux-distressed package makes it clear you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

The Magic Metal pack isn’t particularly expensive, either. The complete set of parts runs about $1,960, although Heritage Customs will cut you a $600 discount if you trade in the original accents and vents. If that still feels a little steep, fret not, because you can also just leave your Defender uncovered for a few years to get the same effect.

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