Want To Get Bangs? Here's What A Celeb Hairstylist Wants You To Know First

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So, you've been thinking about getting bangs. Join the club! It kinda seems like bangs are all over the place this year. The style is pretty darn popular for all hair types, too, from curly hair, to tight coils, to straight strands. And TBH, there's not just one kind of bang out there. Bang types like curtain, straight cut, micro, and framing styles are all super in this year.

That said, bangs are a commitment, and they're not a hairstyle that you should just jump into without doing some deep thinking on the subject, first. Feeling a little stressed about your decision? Don't worry! That's where we come in. The WH team rounded up every single thing you should consider before you dive into the #bangslife, all according to expert celebrity hairstylists. (You're welcome!) Keep reading for 15 things you need to know if you're asking yourself 'should I get bangs?'

How popular are bangs in 2020?

Okay, before you make your hair appointment, you might be wondering this: Are bangs even in style right now? Lucky for you the answer is a resounding yes. "I think people are looking for a fun way to make a change and make things exciting in these uncertain times," explains Bryce Scarlett, Moroccanoil celebrity hairstylist who has worked with Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, and Gigi Hadid. This why he thinks bangs are very much ~in style~ at the moment. Basically, if you're worried about looking out of touch by getting bangs, trust that you won't.

Bangs take about a year to grow out.

That said, even though bangs will pretty much always be in style, there are a few things that Bryce recommends you note before jumping on the bangs bandwagon. "Bangs can be a big commitment since it can take up to a year to grow them out," he says. "I would recommend starting with a softer, thinner bang, and you can always go thicker from there." Did you write that down? Great.

Bring inspiration images to your stylist.

If you're set on bangs, let's talk about what you should do to prep for your actual appointment. First things first, you've definitely got to look for inspo online says Bryce. "Photo references are always great. Bringing in a few options is very helpful to ensure you get the right bang," he says. So yeah, feel free to show your Pinterest board to your stylist so they can get the exact idea of the look you're going for.

Just make sure you have a consistent idea of the bangs you want.

And a quick PSA: If you're thinking you want bangs, then you should be able to find at least a few styles that interest you to show your stylist. If you can't you might be being too specific or fawning over an unrealistic celeb look, Bryce explains.

How often should you trim your bangs?

Now that you've got your theoretical bangs, it's time to think about upkeep. Bryce says that the frequency with which you trim your bangs totally depends on their style. "If they are extremely blunt and heavy, trim them every three to six weeks. If they are thinner and wispier, I would say every eight to twelve weeks," he says.

Go to the salon every darn time you want to cut them.

"I would highly recommend using a professional if you are cutting bangs for the first time or getting a new style of bangs," Bryce says. "However, once you are there you can ask the professional to help you learn how to maintain them at home." Sure, you can cut or trim your bangs at home when you want to and if you have the proper tools. But honestly, that may not be the smartest move, especially if you want super precise, clean cut-looking bangs. Your best bet? Just book a salon appointment when you notice your hairstyle looking scruffy or lacking shape.

Yes, bangs look good on every hair type.

ICYMI, bangs look good on literally any and every hair type from super curly to very straight. The only thing that differs by hair type is how you take care of them. "The only thing to consider is if you have curly hair, the grow-out period is even longer," Bryce says. "It's more of a commitment with curly hair since six inches of hair in a tight curl looks like two-to-three inches." So if you've got curls, just triple check you're ready before you grab those scissors.

You should pick your bangs based on face shape.

Even though there's a bang style out there fore everyone, that doesn't necessarily mean that every type of fringe will look good on each individual person. TBH, Bryce recommends making sure that your bangs are flattering for your specific face shape. "Not all bangs are suitable for everyone," he says, which is why you've got to consult your stylist before you go with a certain style.

Use pictures of celebrities who look like you.

How do you know which bangs style is right for you, though? Well, Bryce has an answer. "A great trick is to reference a celeb that looks like you (or at least has your face shape or hair type) and see if they've had bangs before to see what suited them. It's always fantastic to find a muse that may resemble you." Kinda genius, right? Now you have an excuse to Instagram-stalk your famous look-alike.

Dry shampoo will be your new best friend.

Having bangs might look super cute, but just know that they *will* be touching your face 24/7. And you know all that oil that sits on your forehead? Yeah, well now that oil is going to be in your hair, too, which means that bangs tend to look on the greasier side after wash day. That's why Bryce recommends keeping a dry shampoo in your medicine cabinet at all times to soak up all that ~extra oil~.

Bangs could cause more breakouts on your skin.

Because your hair will be touching your forehead and because of all the oil buildup on that area of your face, you miiight find yourself experiencing more breakouts in that area than normal. TLDR; the buildup of oil from your hair and pores mixed with dry shampoo or styling cream can make for some pimples. It's not the end of the world, though! Just make sure you're practicing regular washing (of your hair and face), and try to keep your bangs off your skin when you're sweating or sleeping.

Invest in a proper flatiron.

If you want to style your bangs like a pro, you should definitely invest your hard-earned cash into a quality flatiron or curling tool to make sure your bangs look exactly how you want them to. Need a rec? We got you. "The Moroccanoil Smooth Style Ceramic Heated Brush is like a flatiron built into a brush, so it's a fantastic tool to smooth out bangs quickly," Bryce says.

You can also use your blow dryer for styling.

Don't want to put in the effort of styling your new bangs with heated tools? Sounds good. You can still dictate the way they fall on your face by using a blow dryer for a few minutes, Bryce says. Just spritz some water on them, brush them in the direction you want them to be while directing the blow drying in the direction you want and boom, you've got easily styled bangs.

If air drying is more your speed, that's totally cool.

More of an out-of-the-shower-and-go kind of person? Totally understandable. "Comb them and let them air dry if you want them natural," Scarlett says. Bangs are even doable for those of you who reside in the super low effort department.

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