Wanna Liven Up Your Sad Apartment? These 15 Black-Owned Plant Shops Are Here to Help

Annabel Iwegbue
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Photo credit: john francis
Photo credit: john francis

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Pro-tip: Basically the #1 way to elevate any area is a plant. Wanna add the illusion of actual space to your bedroom? Boom, hang an ivy by the window. Want to spruce up dinner but you have no time for a grocery run? Keep a basil plant on deck. Whether it's for ambiance or a new COVID-friendly roomie, greenery is KEY for nurturing that green thumb of yours. So why not support a black-owned business for your next plant purchase?

Across the country there are a number of the super cool black-owned plant companies, each with their own unique takes on plant design, sourcing, and distribution. Their virtual shops mean you won’t have to carefully haul a ficus back from the store, and some even offer annual subscription services so you can gradually build a collection. Creating an at-home oasis while supporting black business owners? Duh it's a win-win.

We've rounded up 15 dope black-owned plant companies that have the block talking. Check them all out below!

Plant + Vessel

This Austin-based shop is run by ceramicist Traci Ward, so not only does it have beautiful plants available for purchase, but it's also got some STUNNING ceramic planters and holders.

Revive and Bloom

Rooted in the Bay Area, this spot offers plant styling and consultation services alongside their plant stock. Pretty dope if you’re looking to add to your plant collection but are a newbie (v understandable).

Natty Garden

This Brooklyn-based nursery first opened up in 2008 with their wide selection of greens. The online shop ships nationwide and also features fertilizers and soil for all of your gardening endeavors.

Isha Plants

This company’s "propagation subscription boxes" come fully equipped with rare plant cuttings and an instruction technique for growing different plant specimen from home. The first box also comes with a supply of rooting hormone, scissors, a spray bottle, and a welcome guide, so you can dive right into becoming a plant propagation pro. Dare you to say that five times fast.

Crazy Plant Bae

They’ve got indoor and outdoor plants available online, annnd a subscription service. Yup, you can sign up to be surprised every month. Enjoy!

Tennessee Tropicals

As the name implies, this store is big on rare tropical plants. You’ll def impress literally anybody when you name drop their super unique plants.

The Zen Succulent

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Founded by Megan George in 2012, this North Carolina-based shop has some great indoor plant options. They ship nationwide, but if you ever find yourself in the Raleigh or Durham area, their store locations offer super fun plant terrarium workshops.

Tal + Bert

Want one of the coolest looking plant displays ever? Ray and Val Talbert, the founders of Tal + Bert, combined their passions for mining and nature to create super eye-catching "air plants." They straight up incorporate raw geode rocks (!!!) into their products. I am in love.

Light & Love

Check out this spot for sustainably-sourced houseplants of all sizes. They deliver right to your door and their site has a blog filled with in-depth info about caring for your plants.


This up-and-coming company is based in Philly—if the name wasn’t enough of a clue—but they still deliver nationwide. Their Etsy shop offers up a super fresh and affordable collection of jade plants, cacti, and more.

Bradford Botanical & Co.

Established in 2019, this Atlanta company run by Ryann Bradford not only sells plants, but also offers up a gorgeous rose collection. The mobile boutique hosts pop-ups in Atlanta and Dallas, but you can still online shop all over the United States.

Planting with P

Specializing in floral arrangements, indoor plants, and succulents, this New Jersey company is run by Paris Hannon. They host a weekly #PlantyDrop (LMAO) every Monday night, so keep an eye out for their new goods.


Danuelle Doswell and Mignon Hemsley launched this virtual plant company on Earth Day of 2020 with the hopes of helping people utilize plants to feel more at peace. You can opt to join the subscription service or just purchase single plants through their website.

Pepper Palm

A unique planter will make just about any plant one hundred percent more aesthetically pleasing, so check out this shop for its handmade goods. Their palm planter is a real standout item that’ll make your house look like an art museum.

Wellness and Releaf

Caring for plants can be an excellent form of self care, so while you’re perusing through this virtual plant shop you might as well also check out their all-natural body products. Picture yourself watering your new zebra plant while wearing their charcoal & rose clay face mask. That’s the true treat yo self experience.

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