Artist goes viral for selling 'realistic' drawings of people's soulmates: 'I'm shaking all over'

Tired of searching for your soulmate? A rough sketch of what to look for could help.

Hopeful romantics are flocking to an Etsy seller known as The Psychic Artist for exactly that reason. The anonymous seller claims to have psychic abilities that give them the power to capture an image of the buyer’s one true love on paper.

“My drawings are very realistic and accurate,” a description for the page says. “This service will bring a reflection of whom you are going to marry, describing and drawing the physical appearance of your soulmate!”

The seller also guarantees that it will take just 24 hours for you to receive the rendering — a much more reasonable wait than the lifetime it could take you to actually find them.

The price of the service has fluctuated over the past few days as the shop’s popularity rises and currently sits at $66.69, though it was as low as $30 on June 17.

“According to a psychic on @etsy this man is my soulmate. If you see him or no him – holler at your girl, it’s been 32 years too long,” one satisfied customer, Instagram user mega_muscles, said.

Requesting soulmate drawings has also become a trend on TikTok.

“I was bored, so I thought, ‘might as well,” TikTok user sympaa said in a video. “It’s actually quite cool.”

The Etsy page has made 60,000 sales since its launch — and has hundreds of five-star reviews.

“I bought this service from pure curiosity and now after 3 months I just met with a wonderful man! He’s exactly how [the Psychic Artist] described him, I’m shaking all over OMG so excited! MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR SPREADING YOUR GIFT WITH OTHERS!” one reviewer wrote, including a photo of the happy couple.

“My drawing looked almost just like another reviewer’s drawing,” another person who was more critical of the service wrote, suggesting the Psychic Artist might be reusing sketches.

As of press time, the shop is currently “taking a short break,” according to the message at the top of the page, but you can sign up to be notified as soon as it opens up again.

Why spend your life wondering who your soulmate is when you could let a vague sketch from an internet stranger guide you?

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