Walmart Is Selling a 'Modern' $32 Large Resin Planter So Similar to a Pottery Barn Style Almost 3x the Price

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April showers bring May flowers, right? But you of course need somewhere to put those flowers you want to plant, and sometimes small planters just won’t cut it. Sure, you can buy a hanging planter or a small one for your porch. But if you want a hefty planter for a big plant in your entryway, leading up to your home or as a centerpiece in your garden, they can be pricey. Fortunately, Walmart has a large resin planter for an affordable price, with a bonus of looking like a Pottery Barn style three times the price.

The planter in question is the Better Homes & Gardens 18-inch Mosswood Resin Planter. It’s $32.38 at Walmart and comes in a matte black color. It’s made to have “the look of natural stone” without the hefty price that comes with it. This medium-sized round-fluted planter is made from resin for longevity and durability. It also has a finish that allows it to withstand all weather outside and it weighs 5.5 lbs on its own. But it can go inside as well.

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Better Homes & Gardens 18in Mosswood Resin Planter, Matte Black, $32.38 at Walmart

Shop it at Walmart
Shop it at Walmart

This planter doesn’t come with a drainage hole, but Walmart’s website makes it sound easy; the planter has an indicated spot where you can drill one in with a quarter-inch drill bit. It also measures 18 inches in diameter, as the title suggests, and 17 inches tall.

This planter is marked as a best-seller on Walmart's site and the reviews are a great example of why.

"Love this pot!” one reviewer wrote. “Looks like one of the big expensive heavy ceramic pots!"

Another shopper wrote that the matte black color “looks like terracotta” and “high-end in appearance.” But the nice thing about having a planter that’s not actually made of stone (while looking like it) is that it’s not as heavy as stone.

“Although large, it's lightweight, easy to move around,” they wrote. “I purchased this… for my tall faux fiddle leaf tree and added moss to fill it in."

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All Weather Eco Hevea 20" Planters, $89 at Pottery Barn

<p>Pottery Barn</p>

Pottery Barn

One product that Walmart’s planter gets compared to is a Pottery Barn style that costs $89 for a similar size. We’re talking about the All Weather Eco Hevea 20" Planter. While the Better Homes & Gardens planter is made of resin, Pottery Barn’s is made from hard plastic and has a drainage hole. The 20-inch planter also measures 18.5 inches in diameter and 19.75 inches tall, making it nearly the same size as the Walmart planter. But it weighs 12 lbs.

While Walmart’s Better Homes & Gardens 18-inch Mosswood Resin Planter is on the more expensive side of planters at $32, it has the look of stone without costing as much (or being as hard to carry or move). So if you’ve been in need of a big statement planter, this one might be for you.

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