My cats and I are wild about Walmart's new delivery service — try it for free!

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tttktk (Photo: Getty Images)
Time to feed the kitties! (Photo: Getty Images)

My tuxedo cats are characters. There’s the charming maniac Willie (who was almost featured on TV's My Cat from Hell) and dear shy Lupe (who won’t come near our kid unless catnip is involved).

They do not like to run out of dry food. Especially Willie.

Last week, when I emptied crumbs into his bowl, he gave me The Look. He marched straight over to the nearest coffee mug, stared me dead in the eye and swatted it off the counter. Then he headed for the neat pile of tax receipts. Yup.

But we couldn't make a pet food run now! My husband was already at work. It was almost time to log on to my remote job. My daughter’s virtual school day was beginning. (We don't take her into stores anyway since she's too young for the vax.)

Then I remembered Walmart+! The retail giant’s free, same-day delivery service brings fresh groceries and more to your door. (Purrfect! My humans needed food too.) I quickly signed up for the risk-free 15-day trial and was pleasantly surprised when a brief three-question survey bought me two more weeks! (After the 30 days are up, you can continue the service. It costs $13 per month or $98 per year — your choice.)

Meet Lupe and Willie. All dressed up and no need to go anywhere, bcause Walmart delivers! (Photo: Libby Sentz)
Meet Lupe and Willie. All dressed up and no need to go anywhere, because Walmart delivers! (Photo: Libby Sentz)

The annual fee is comparable to Amazon Prime but the benefit here is the availability of yummy produce and perishables that services like Prime don’t offer in my area.

That same day (yes, I was happy to find a slot — but next day is also available), we received our order, including the urgently needed cat food and the best organic strawberries I’ve tasted all year. Success! I've already started my next Walmart+ list in the system.

Check out my six awesome feline finds below.

Purina One Natural Dry Cat Food, Tender Selects Blend with Real Chicken

Purina ... more like Purr-ina. (Photo: Walmart)
Purina ... more like Purr-ina. (Photo: Walmart)

Our furry little carnivores crave food that’s crunchy and chewy. Purina One Natural Tender Selects with Chicken offers the best of both worlds. Protein-rich chicken is the main ingredient, and the kibble improves their dental health.

This cat food is especially great for what it doesn’t contain — no fillers, no preservatives, no fake flavors. What the 22-lb bag isn't great for is my back, so it was a real treat to get front-door service from Walmart+! It should last a good, long while.

Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter, Free & Clean Unscented Multi-Cat

No more smelly cat box. (Photo: Walmart)
No more smelly cat box. (Photo: Walmart)

Speaking of heavy, I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t have to haul this 35-lb bucket around the store. When I placed my Walmart+ order, I made sure this necessity was number-two on my list. (Excuse the pun.)

I recently swore off dusty, perfumed litter — aaa-choo! — so I was happy to find several unscented low-dust options available for delivery on Walmart+. Tidy Cats Clumping Cat Litter, Free & Clean uses activated charcoal to absorb odor, and it’s made with multi-cat households in mind. It's easy to scoop too. This huge container was a steal at $15.

Majestic Pet Kitty Cave Cat Scratcher

Gone fishin'. (Photo: Walmart)
Gone fishin'. (Photo: Walmart)

Our tree dweller, Willie, likes to be up high, ready for action. Bush dweller Lupe prefers to be low and cozy. And because they are very much in love, proximity is key. This sturdy yet plush faux-fur Majestic Pet Kitty Cave meets all their particular needs and more, so I've added it to my shopping list.

It's way cuter than their current cardboard box and takes up about the same about of real estate — but with more usable space thanks to the bunk-bed layout. Plus what cat doesn't love a dangly toy? Fingers crossed that the sisal scratching post gets more play than our poor couch does.

SmartyKat Loco Laser Electronic Light Cat Toy

Unleash out the acrobat in your cat! (Photo: Walmart)
Unleash the acrobat in your cat! (Photo: Walmart)

Our cats may be opposites, but they agree on this: The absolute best kitty toy on earth (aside from a live firefly) is a laser pointer. The hunter instinct is real, y’all. SmartyKat Loco Laser works them out, for sure! Simply shine the little light on the wall or floor and watch them chase, jump, pounce and parkour. Our 7-year-old gets a huge kick out of controlling the laser and awaiting the attack.

Made with recycled plastics, this mouse-shaped laser pointer is a steal at just 4 bucks. Batteries included.

SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip

Nothing beats the smell of catnip in the morning. (Photo: Walmart)
Nothing beats the smell of catnip in the morning. (Photo: Walmart)

True story: Catnip (a natural, nonaddictive herb) saved a relationship in our family. Lupe went into hiding back in 2014, when our kid began to crawl. For years, the supershy kitty only entered child-free rooms. Recently my daughter, now 7, found some some stale catnip and lured Lupe into a beautiful friendship! Finally!

When we received this 2 oz canister of SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip in our Walmart+ order, they immediately tested it out. Lupe unleashed a brand-new, next-level, pure-bliss meow and rolled over for a serious belly rub sesh. This is the good stuff.

Try sprinkling it on your cat's scratching post, toys or right on the floor. Most cats dig it, becoming excited and playful at first, and then they reach maximum chill.

Paw Perfect Water Fountain

When a boring water bowl simply won't cut it... (Photo: Walmart)
When a boring water bowl simply won't cut it... (Photo: Walmart)

Willie's quest for the freshest water knows no bounds. He sticks his head into showers, under faucets and into my drinking glass multiple times a day. It's a problem.

This free-flowing Paw Perfect Water Fountain is an excellent solution! Nontoxic and and BPA-free, the fountain has three modes to keep drinking water clean and flowing. Plus the pump is quiet, so it won't scare our shy Lupe.

It's great for dogs too, which may well be in our future if my daughter's pleas continue to pour in (see below).

My first-grader wants to add a new category to our Walmart+ search. (Photo: Libby Sentz)
My first-grader wants to add a new category to our Walmart+ search. (Photo: Libby Sentz)

Hmm... She needs to work on her pitch. In any case, it's a comfort to know that Walmart+ delivery service offers everything I need to keep my furry friends and my humans healthy and happy.

Sign up for the free Walmart+ trial and see if it simplifies your life too.

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