Got a 'Paw Patrol' fan in your life? Pre-order the new crop of toys before they sell out

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No job is too big, no pup is too small! (Photo: Walmart)
No job is too big, no pup is too small with Walmart's collection of Paw Patrol toys! (Photo: Walmart)

If you have a pup-obsessed preschooler in your life, odds are you know all about Paw Patrol. The mega-hit TV series from the mind of Bob The Builder creator Keith Chapman has spawned eight seasons of television, video games, live stage shows, and now, a hotly anticipated summer blockbuster, Paw Patrol: The Movie, arriving in theaters on August 20.

Of course, a new movie full of exciting new vehicles means a slew of new toys, and as anyone whose ever stared down a ransacked action figure aisle can tell you, these are going to sell like hotcakes. Paw Patrol toys, known for both their playability and durability (key if your kid's imagined adventures are on the rough and tumble side), are constant top-sellers and prone to selling out; add in the excitement around the upcoming, and you might find yourself in the kind of jam even Rubble's crane can't pull you out of.

Thankfully, Walmart is here to answer your yelp for help. No need to line up early outside some brick and mortar store at 6am like the old days; with, you can pre-order all of the Paw Patrol: The Movie toys right now. 

But that's not all! Solidifying their status as the Ultimate Headquarters for all your Paw Patrol needs, Walmart is offering a one-of-a-kind Paw Patrol movie experience your whole family won't want to miss. When you purchase any of these Paw Patrol: The Movie toys from, you'll receive exclusive access to a very special Paw Patrol: The Movie virtual event on August 8, including a sneak peek of the movie!

Not sure what to snap up first? We've highlighted a few of the toys poised to be the most popular on the playground this summer. But don't put off that pre-order too long; these toys will soon be flying off shelves faster than Skye's jetpack.

Marshall Movie Transforming City Firetruck

This toy is ready for a red hot rescue! (Photo: Walmart)
This toy is ready for a red hot rescue! (Photo: Walmart)

This epic, action-packed vehicle is sure to be one of the hottest toys of the summer. Thankfully, Marshall and his famous firetruck can handle the heat. Able to transform just like it does in the upcoming movie, this truck has a fun "water cannon" (with two water ball projectiles), a ladder slide, rescue net, and a lengthy ladder that can not only rotate a full 360 degrees, but reach higher than any other Paw Patrol toy car to date! With realistic flashing lights and movie sounds, not to mention a removable Marshall figurine, this 20-inch firetruck is ready for fun playroom rescue missions.

Shop it: Marshall Movie Transforming City Firetruck, $49,

Chase 2-in-1 Transforming Movie City Cruiser & Motorcycle

Double the vehicles, double the action, double the fun! (Photo: Walmart)
Double the vehicles, double the action, double the fun! (Photo: Walmart)

The Paw Patrol's big screen debut is sure to throw more than a few action-packed obstacles in the way of daring dog Chase, challenges that will require all of his puppy skills and, crucially, all of his wheels. Paw Patrol: The Movie will feature Chase not just riding in an upgraded version of his classic cruiser, but taking to two-wheels on a speedy motorbike.

Now, your child can recreate the action with one wicked-awesome toy. The Chase 2-in-1 Transforming Movie City Cruiser & Motorcycle offers so many different ways to play! Speed through the city in your cruiser, and at the push of a button, switch to armored mode to protect Chase from falling debris and activate his disc launcher. Then launch Chase out for a dual-wheeled adventure with his awesome rip-roaring motorcycle. Realistic lights and movie sounds included!

Shop it: Chase 2-in-1 Transforming Movie City Cruiser & Motorcycle, $35,

With everyone's favorite furry heroes set to take Hollywood by storm, it's only fitting that the Adventure Bay squad should get some stylish new looks. So lest you fret that your kid may notice that their Rocky or Rubble doesn't look exactly like they do on the big screen (we always tell ourselves kids don't notice the little details, and yet they always do), Walmart is serving up a new wave of the classic Deluxe Vehicle sets for each of the core six Paw Patrol pups, now with their new movie looks:

Chase Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle

Chase is on the case! (Photo: Walmart)
Chase is on the case! (Photo: Walmart)

With a new hat, new vest, and a radically redesigned cruiser, Chase (voiced in the new movie by Young Sheldon's Ian Armitage) is sure to be one of the breakout stars of Paw Patrol: The Movie. This Deluxe Vehicle set includes a Chase figurine in his new movie outfit, plus his redesigned cruiser with built-in disc launcher, just like in the film!

Shop it: Chase Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle, $13,

Marshall Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle

Ready for a ruff ruff rescue! (Photo: Walmart)
Ready for a ruff ruff rescue! (Photo: Walmart)

Kids will love dalmatian Marshall's new long-sleeve look, and have hours of fun with his awesome souped-up fire engine. Able to transform just like in the movie, the back lifts up to reveal a cool water cannon, complete with water blast projectile.

Shop it: Marshall Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle, $13,

Rocky Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle

Don't lose it, reuse it! (Photo: Walmart)
Don't lose it, reuse it! (Photo: Walmart)

Ever the expert on reinventing and reimagining, it only makes sense for recycling-oriented Rocky to sport a revamped look and transforming vehicle all his own. Kids can learn the power of recycling as Rocky's Deluxe Vehicle turns an ordinary cube into an awesome projectile! Just drop the cube into the top of the truck, push down the vehicle's arms, and launch into exciting new adventures.

Shop it: Rocky Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle, $13,

Rubble Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle

Rubble on the double! (Photo: Walmart)
Rubble on the double! (Photo: Walmart)

Every kid's favorite construction pup is getting a super cool new look for his big trip to Adventure City. But perhaps a bit more impressive than his new helmet and jacket is his brand-new construction vehicle. This new Rubble toy is ready for anything, especially when his cement mixer flips around to become a wild wrecking ball launcher!

Shop it: Rubble Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle, $13,

Skye Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle

This pup's gotta fly! (Photo: Walmart)
This pup's gotta fly! (Photo: Walmart)

Adventure City's skies will be safe with this stylish cockapoo in the cockpit! But this sleek new uniform and helmet aren't the only changes in store for Skye in Paw Patrol: The Movie. Kids will love her awesome new transforming helicopter, with retractable landing gear and extended rocket boosters for snazzy aerial adventures!

Shop it: Skye Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle, $13,

Zuma Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle

Ready, set, get wet! (Photo: Walmart)
Ready, set, get wet! (Photo: Walmart)

Aquatic action hero Zuma was never one to settle for a simple doggy-paddle, and in Paw Patrol: The Movie, his airboat gets a major upgrade. With this Deluxe Vehicle set, your kid can have Zuma skimming the high-seas in a slick speedboat, and with the push of a button transform into a submarine for exciting undersea adventures!

Shop it: Zuma Deluxe Transforming Movie Vehicle, $13,

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