This Woman Tried Different Hairstyles To See Which One Would Make Her The Best Tips, And Here's What Happened

A waitress named Grace randomly decided to wear pigtails one night at work and discovered she made way more money in tips.

A woman wearing pigtails with a caption that says she made double her normal amount of tips

After her video went viral on TikTok, people started flooding the comments to share their own experience wearing pigtails in the service industry.

A commenter saying they use pigtails because it's an easy hairstyle but they always get hit on by older men when they do it

It is apparent that pigtails have an effect.

A commenter saying they just wore pigtails for the first time and got way more attention than they're used to

Women even remember being told to wear the hairstyle as children in an effort to sell more Girl Scout Cookies!

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Ultimately, people agreed it boils down to one problem: the sexualization of young girls by older men.

A commenter saying that when they wear pigtails, they get stared at more than usual, particularly by older men
what is this comment section. instead of blaming women for wearing a literal hairstyle, why don't you blame men for sexualizing it?

And it's upsetting that pigtails are tainted in this way.

One commenter said "I literally love this hairstyle it's just so sad it's perceived this way"

Soon, other women on TikTok started trying the pigtail experiment and finding out they also made more tips.

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A waitress named Bella Woodard also tried it and found out right away that she made more tips with pigtails.

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She then decided to take the experiment a bit further and do all different hairstyles to see which ones made the most tips.

She has been sharing the series on her TikTok. "I wanted to test out the theory of pigtails receiving the most tips to see if it was just a 'lucky day' or if it did indeed work," she told BuzzFeed.

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So far, the pigtails continue to make her the most money. "Wearing pigtails works far better than any other hairstyles that I have tried out, and every time I wear them, I always receive the most tips — no matter if it is a slow day or not," she said.

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"My highest tippers when wearing pigtails are almost always men. I even had a man tell me he 'really liked my hairstyle.'"

One comment says this happens because women look younger and more vulnerable, while another says they're never putting pigtails on their daughters again

Bella said it is kind of an uncomfortable feeling knowing this about the hairstyle. "This is a real thing and I never expected that wearing pigtails would affect the amount of money I make waiting tables," she said.

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"This is just another thing that proves young women are sexualized in society in today's world," Bella said, adding that she, unfortunately, has proof of it through this experiment.

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Even though Bella is sad that this is a reality, she said she is going to continue to keep styling her hair in pigtails because, at the end of the day, she wants to make more money.

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You can watch Bella's hairstyling series on her TikTok and follow her on Instagram.