Waitress calls out ‘audacious’ customer who left his phone number after giving a $0 tip: ‘That ain’t right’

A waitress is sparking a debate on TikTok after sharing her frustrating run-in with a customer.

The viral saga comes courtesy of user @momitsyourbirthday. Earlier this week, the TikToker posted a photo of a text conversation in which she confronts a customer who left her his phone number — after neither he nor his friends gave her a tip.

It’s the latest TikTok to stir a wide-ranging conversation about tipping culture in America. In prior videos, users have discussed whether it’s OK to tip with a gift card, whether delivery customers should give bigger tips if they live in a large apartment complex and how Uber Eats customers can “tip bait” drivers to get better service.

In her initial video, @momitsyourbirthday claimed the customer and his friends spent around $200 on dinner but left no tip.

“Next time you leave your number, make sure you leave a tip,” she texted him.

In her clip, @momitsyourbirthday called out the “audacity” of her customers and said she was “proud” of herself for confronting them.

Meanwhile, her situation spurred an argument in the comments. As is often the case with videos highlighting service industry dilemmas, users debated whether tipping should even be an issue.

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“Y’all do realize tipping is expected in North America because we literally get paid less than minimum wage?” one user asked.

“People assume that you’re going to tip if you go out,” another argued. “If you don’t like the fact that you’re not being tipped, get a different job.”

Thankfully, the story ended fairly well for @momitsyourbirthday. In a follow-up video, she showed what happened when the customer finally responded to her text. As it turns out, he was extremely apologetic.

Through a series of texts, the customer claimed that he believed his friend had left a tip for all of them.

“We all gave the guy, who paid extra, $10 each,” he wrote. “No lie, I apologize. Let me talk to him. That ain’t right.”

Eventually, @momitsyourbirthday shared her Venmo handle with the customer. In exchange, she got a generous tip — and an apology.

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