Wait, Is Donald Trump Jr. Getting Married Soon?

Wait, Is Donald Trump Jr. Getting Married Soon?

Is there a wedding in the near future for Donald Trump Jr., the president's eldest Large Adult Son?

Jr.'s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, was recently spotted at a bridal runway fashion show for Mira Zwillinger. And while that in and of itself wouldn't be a surefire sign of a possible wedding, Women's Wear Daily asked Guilfoyle if going to a bridal fashion show is just "asking for trouble," she said, "I hope good trouble — loads of white trouble.”


Guilfoyle also said that she's "a super romantic at heart," adding, "I believe in great love, so I always have my heart open and my calendar available.”

However, Guilfoyle and Trump aren't engaged (that we know of) and there were no rings spotted. When that very fact was pointed out by WWD, she gave this riddle as a response: “No rings, not today, not today, yes indeed.” K.

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Guilfoyle and Trump reportedly started dating last year, after he and his wife Vanessa divorced. They've been going strong since then, with Guilfoyle joining him on the campaign trail. The couple even reportedly have couple-y nicknames for each other — he apparently calls her "Pooh Bear" (a Legally Blonde reference?), and she calls him ... "Junior Mint."

Guess she gotten over the fact that her potential father-in-law awkwardly joked about her previous husband (she was married to California Governor Gavin Newsom from 2001-2006) in front of her — and a bunch of other people.