Waffle House worker reveals the ‘secret’ marking system employees use for orders

The Waffle House marking system is like its own secret language.

And according to a now-viral TikTok video, it allows employees at the 24/7 diner chain to communicate endless combinations of orders — all without saying a word.

The info comes courtesy of a Waffle House cook who goes by the handle @hotsoupandcracker on TikTok. In his clip, he revealed the “secret” system, which is so complex it had some viewers questioning why it’s needed.

It’s just the latest viral TikTok to give a behind-the-scenes look at a popular fast-food chain. In recent videos, workers have shared the “most complicated” McDonald’s order to prepare, how to save big on viral Starbucks drinks and how fast-food chains record their drive-thru greetings.

The clip from @hotsoupandcracker was equally mind-blowing. His video, which now has nearly 400,000 views, showed several examples of how the Waffle House marking system works.

In the video, @hotsoupandcracker reveals how the locations of different sauces, foods and add-ons can communicate what a customer ordered.

For example, a plate with a jelly pack at the bottom means the customer ordered scrambled eggs. Flipping the jelly upside down means the customer ordered white toast, while a container of apple butter means raisin toast.

Some TikTokers could barely believe how intricate the codes were — many accused @hotsoupandcracker of making it up.

“This can’t be real,” one user wrote.

“Why wouldn’t they just use a point-of-sale system and a kitchen printer?” another added.

“So you need a Harvard degree to work there,” another joked.

However, other users claiming to be former Waffle House workers came to @hotsoupandcracker’s defense.

“Waffle House has its own language, I swear!” promised one user, who said they’d worked at the chain for 10 years, wrote.

To dispel the doubters, @hotsoupandcracker also followed up with a video showing a breakdown of the code.

“Y’all swear you know everything,” he captioned the post.

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