Waffle House Can Finally Be Delivered To Your Doorstep Through Postmates

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/wafflehouseofficial
Photo credit: Instagram/wafflehouseofficial

From Delish

When Waffle House started closing down its locations last month, it was as pretty big deal because of the "Waffle House Index." Now, in order to still get your fix, the chain has finally teamed up with its first delivery partner and you can use Postmates to get your meal delivered right to your door.

The all-day breakfast location closed down its dining rooms in March, but still tried to give fans what they crave by making the famous waffle mix available for purchase. The mix sold out almost instantly, but it's back again and can be bought for $15 online. Now, you can get your Waffle House order delivered to your home through Postmates, which has never been an option before.

Keep in mind, if you're ordering from Waffle House, you'll have to choose from a limited menu that's put in place to keep restaurants as productive as possible. This is the first time since Waffle House opened in 1955 that meals can be ordered through a delivery service, so yeah, it's a pretty huge deal!

Waffle House Public Relations Director, Njeri Boss said in a press release that this new offer is a big moment for the company. "We are extremely excited to take this momentous step and offer our customers more options for enjoying their favorite comfort foods without ever having to leave their own homes," he said.

You can check if Waffle House delivery is available near you on the Postmates site. From there, you can choose from in-person delivery, curbside delivery, or contactless delivery.

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