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'No more wads of tangled sheets': This laundry gadget from Shark Tank is just $20

If you wash your bedding regularly, you know how much of a task it really is. Too often, bunched-up sheets cause your washing machine to rumble, leaving them drenched in water. And, when you toss them in the dryer, they always seem to be tangled so badly that it takes extra time to undo before you even get it back to your bed. That's where the Wad Free (seen on Shark Tank) comes in to help. It banishes tangled sheets and leaves them wrinkle-free — all for just $20!

Kiss wrinkled sheets "goodbye" once and for all.

$20 at Amazon

Thanks to Cyndi Bray (an inventor featured on Shark Tank), the Wad Free for bed sheets is finally a solution to tangled up sheets. It not only stops your sheets from bunching up, it also balances your washing machine and dryer too — no more bumpy loads! The brand reports that using the Wad Free helps your sheets dry up to 75% faster with fewer wrinkles.

Here's how it works: start by poking the corner of your sheet through the covered tab. Then, slide the tab into the channel and repeat until all four corners are secured. Toss in the wash and forget about it.

bed sheet detangler
The Wad Free for bed sheets keeps your bedding tangle free! (Photo: Amazon) (Amazon)

Over 3,500 five-star shoppers rave about the tool and how it's improved their laundry cycles.

"Best time saver ever," a reviewer declared. "I purchased this product after watching the lady who owns the company on TikTok explain how they work and how they’re used. This is cut my drying time in half."

One skeptical shopper wrote: "Not once did the washer go off balance, and everything dried perfectly in one go on the medium heat setting. No more running downstairs to stop the washer to redistribute items in the drum and no more running the dryer three times while having to undo the 'ball' inside the fitted sheet each time (You know what I'm talking about)."

The contraption has happy customers asking, "where have these been all my life?" One said: "Like most people, my sheets end up in a wadded mess, both coming out of the washer and the dryer. I don't know how these work, but they are a miracle. Now I'm not running my sheets through 2 or more dryer cycles to get them dry, and they're not in a ball when they come out."

"These are very easy to use," shared a happy shopper. "NO more wads of tangled sheets in the washer or the dryer! NO more wet sheets wadded up inside the other! I loved these so much that I bought some for my parents as well. They can be used in both the washer and the dryer."

Thanks to these Wad Free gadgets, your sheets can dry up to 75% faster!

$20 at Amazon

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